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Study the following Economics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

16.  When the plate area of a capacitor increases?

  • A. the voltage can withstand increase
  • B. the capacitance decreases
  • C. the capacitance is unaffected
  • D. the capacitance increases

17. A magnet relay is a device used for?

  • A. reading the magnitude of magnetic flux
  • B. controlling another circuit carrying larger current
  • C. turning in sports
  • D. storing magnetic field


18. According to kinetic molecular model in gases,

  • A. the particles are closely packed together; they occupy minimum space are usually arranged in a regular pattern
  • B. the particles vibrate about fixed positions and are held together by the strong intermolecular bonds between them
  • C. the molecules are very far apart and occupy all the spaces made available to them
  • D. the particles occur in clusters with molecules slightly further apart

19. A current of 0.5 A flows through a resistor when connected to a 40 V battery. How much energy is dispatched in 2 minutes?

  • A. 2400 J
  • B. 9600 J
  • C. 1500 J
  • D. 1200 J



For a pear-shaped conductor shown above, the concentration of charge on the outside is highest at?

  • A. X
  • B. Z
  • C. Y
  • D. K


21. The vapour pressure?

  • A. increases non-linearly with measuring temperature
  • B. increases linearly with increasing temperature
  • C. decreases linearly with increasing temperature
  • D. decreases non-linearly with measuring temperature


22. potential energy in an elastic string of force constant k, which has an extension X is?

  • A. kX
  • B. KX2
  • C. ½KX2
  • D. ½K


23. A reservoir is filled with liquid of density 2000 kgm−1. Calculate the depth at which the pressure in the liquid will be equal to 9100 Nm−2 (g = 10 ms−2)

  • A. 0.262 m
  • B. 0.664 m
  • C. 0.819 m
  • D. 0.455 m

24. Water is not a good thermometric liquid because it?

  • A. expands unevenly between 0 ºC and 4 ºC
  • B. maintains fixed density
  • C. has high freezing point
  • D. wets glass

25. Which of these is not a second class lever?

  • A. sugar tongs
  • B. claw hammer
  • C. plier
  • D. wheelbarrow

26. In the formation of sea breeze, wind blows from?

  • A. sky to land
  • B. sea to sky
  • C. land to sea
  • D. sea to land


27. Which component of fiber-optic connector has a provision of entry for the fibre along with the fixation to connector housing?

  • A. coupling device
  • B. cable
  • C. ferrule
  • D. connector housing

28. The gravitational pull on the moon is 1/6 that of the earth. If a body weighs 6.0 N on the moon, what will be the weight on the earth?

  • A. 6.0 N
  • B. 5.0 N
  • C. 12.0 N
  • D. 36.0 N

29. In order to view the sun, the most suitable instrument to use is?

  • A. helioscope
  • B. telescope
  • C. stroboscope
  • D. sun meter

30. The eclipse of the moon occurs when?

  • A. the moon reflects the rays from the sun to the earth
  • B. the moon comes exactly between the earth and the sun
  • C. the earth comes exactly between the moon and the sun
  • D. the sun comes exactly between the earth and the moon
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