Physics 2022 Past Questions | JAMB

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Study the following Economics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. Which of these is a derived unit?

    • A. Kilogram
    • B. Metre
    • C. Newton
    • D. Second

2. A bar magnet is divided into two pieces, which of the following statement is correct?

  • A. two new magnets are created
  • B. the magnetic field of each separate piece becomes stronger
  • C. the electric field is created
  • D. the bar magnet is demagnetized

3. Consider the wave equation y = 5mm sin [1cm−1 x – 60s−1t]. The wave number is?

  • A. 0.1 cm−1
  • B. 10cm−1
  • C. 1.0cm−1
  • D. 2cm−1

4. An object 40 cm high is 30cm from the pin hole camera. If the height of the image formed is 20 cm. What is the distance of the image from the pin height?

  • A. 15 cm
  • B. 70 cm
  • C. 40 cm
  • D. 40 cm

5. A bar magnet is placed near and lying along the axis of a solenoid connected to a galvanometer. The pointer of the galvanometer shows no deflection when?

  • A. the magnet is moved towards the stationary solenoid
  • B. there is no relative motion
  • C. the magnet is moved away from the stationary solenoid
  • D. the solenoid is moved away from the stationary magnet

6. Tyres are treaded to?

  • A. increase weight of tyres
  • B. increase friction
  • C. increase its longevity
  • D. look good

7. A car starts from rest and covers a distance of 40 m in 10 s. Calculated the magnitude of its acceleration

  • A. 3.20 ms−2
  • B. 0.25 ms−2
  • C. 0.80 ms−2
  • D. 4.00 ms−2


The relationship between the coefficient of linear expansion α and volumetric expansion (γ) is—————–

  • A. γ = α−3
  • B. γ = α
  • C. 3α
  • D. γ = α3

9. Which of the following is not a consequence of hydrogen bubbles covering the copper plate of a primary cell?

  • A. formation of hydrogen bubbles electrode
  • B. increase in the resistance of the cell
  • C. local action
  • D. polarization


A cell whose internal resistance is 0.55Ω delivers a current of 4 A to an external resistor. The lost voltage of the cell is?

  • A. 4.00 V
  • B. 2.20 V
  • C. 0.15 V
  • D. 8.00 V

11. Which of the following liquid is a poor conductor of electricity?

  • A. molten mercury
  • B. molten steel
  • C. molten iron
  • D. molten copper

12. An isotope has an initial activity of 120 Bq. 6 days later its activity is 15 Bq. The half-life is?

  • A. 3 days
  • B. 2 days
  • C. 1 day
  • D. 4 days

13. The secondary pigments consist of?

  • A. blue, green, and violet
  • B. yellow, green, and magenta
  • C. magenta, yellow, and cyan
  • D. red, green, and blue

14. A person standing waist-deep in a swimming pool appears to have short legs because of light?

  • A. diffraction
  • B. refraction
  • C. reflection
  • D. interference

15. A tuning fork having a frequency of 312 Hz emits a wave which has a wavelength of 1.10 m. Calculate the velocity of sound

  • A. 312.0 ms−1
  • B. 110.0 ms−1
  • C. 343.2 ms−1
  • D. 686.4 ms−1
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