Biology 2018 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Biology past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

11. Which of the following structures would carry out cellular respiration? A

    • A. germinating seed
    • B. decolorised leaf
    • C. dry leaf
    • D. boiled cowpea

12. Which of the following is NOT an excretory product of animals?

  • A. carbondioxide
  • B. urea
  • C. sweat
  • D. oxygen

13.  An example of homeostasis in living organisms is

  • A. cooling effect resulting from evaporation of water from the body surface
  • B. root hairs of a plant growing towards the source of light
  • C. changing of the body colour of chameleon to match the colour of the foliage on which it is resting
  • D. the release of phosphorus into the phloem of a plant growing in a phosphorus-deficient soil

14.  Ultrafiltration in the kidney takes place in the

  • A. Renal vein
  • B. Medulla
  • C. Loop of Henle
  • D. Bowman’s Capsule

15.  The thyroid gland is found at the base of the

  • A. Midbrain
  • B. Kidney
  • C. Neck
  • D. Liver

16.  Which of the following statements about the response of neurones to stimulus is correct?

  • A. Neurons respond to stimulus of any strength
  • B. Neurons respond to all stimuli applied in rapid succession
  • C. Neurons respond more rapidly during the absolute refraction period
  • D. Intensity of stimulus must reach a threshold value before the neurons can be excited

17.  Which of the following practices may lead to infection of the eye? Use of

  • A. contact lenses
  • B. convex lenses
  • C. biconcave lenses
  • D. concave lenses

18.  The structures for gaseous exchange in breathing roots are

  • A. stomata
  • B. lenticels
  • C. cuticle
  • D. mitochondria

19. biology past question

The diagram above is an illustration of the life cycle of an insect. The adult fly in this cycle is called

  • A. Housefly
  • B. Butterfly
  • C. Cockroach
  • D. Mosquito

20. biology past question

In the diagram above, the larva is also known as

  • A. Nymph
  • B. Caterpillar
  • C. Maggot
  • D. Chrysalis

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