Biology 2018 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Biology past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and ICAN. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. The scientist who introduced binomial nomenclature in the classification of organisms was
  • A. Charles Darwin
  • B. Carolus Linnaeus
  • C. John Ray
  • D. Louis Pasteur

2.  Which of the following statements is true about arthropods?

  • A. Prothorax bears only legs
  • B. Mesothorax bears only legs
  • C. Metathorax bears only wings
  • D. Prothorax bears only wings

3.  What level of organisation is Spirogyra?

  • A. System
  • B. Organ
  • C. Cell
  • D. Tissue

4.  The streaming movement of cytoplasm within the Paramecium is known as

  • A. Transpiration
  • B. Digestion
  • C. Cyclosis
  • D. Osmosis

5.  Which of the following organelles is found only in plant cells?

  • A. Mitochondria
  • B. Ribosomes
  • C. Lysosomes
  • D. Plastids

6.  Active transport differs from diffusion in that active transport 

  • A. is a very fast process
  • B. allows the movement of substances against concentration gradient
  • C. takes place in both light and dark reaction of photosynthesis
  • D. occurs in both plant and animal tissues


biology past question

The diagrams above are illustrations of an experimental set-up to demonstrate a type of tropic response in plants. The type of response demonstrated is

  • A. phototropism
  • B. geotropism
  • C. hydrotropism
  • D. thigmotropism


biology past question

The conclusion drawn from the experiment in the diagram above is that

  • A. shoots of plants are negatively thigmotropic
  • B. shoots of plants are negatively geotropic
  • C. shoots of plants are positively phototropic
  • D. roots of plants are positively hydrotropic

9.  The odontoid process is found on the

  • A. axis vetebra
  • B. atlas vetebra
  • C. thoracic vetebra
  • D. sacral vetebra

10.  A seedling was made to stand in a solution of red ink for three hours and a transverse section of the stem was examined under the microscope. The process being investigated was

  • A. the importance of micro elements to plants
  • B. ascent of water through the xylem
  • C. diffusion of colored substances
  • D. distribution of food in plants

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