Literature In English 2018 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Literature in English past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. A literary work in which the characters and events are used as symbols is known as _________?

    • A. characteristics
    • B. allegory
    • C. metaphor
    • D. parallelism

2. Characterisation in a novel refers to the _____?

  • A. writer’s opinion of the characters
  • B. way the characters are revealed to the reader
  • C. characters and the way they behave
  • D. reader’s opinion of the character

3. In literacy work, verbal irony refers to a _________?

  • A. device in which the speaker means the opposite of what he says
  • B. situation in which a character speaks or acts against the tread of events
  • C. difficult situation which defies a local or rational resolution
  • D. device in which the actor on stage

4. In the theatre, words spoken by a character that are meant to be heard by the audience but not by the other characters on stage is called_________?

  • A. aside
  • B. soliloquy
  • C. acoustic
  • D. tone

5. Drama is the representation of a complete series of actions by means of _________

  • A. movement and gesture for the screen and audience
  • B. speech, movement and gesture for the stage only
  • C. speech, movement and gesture for the stage, screen and radio
  • D. speech, gesture and movement for the screen and radio

6. A poet‘s use of regular rhythm is known as _______?

  • A. allegory
  • B. assonance
  • C. metre
  • D. onomatopoeia

7. A literacy genre which directly imitates human actions is______?

  • A. Drama
  • B. comedy
  • C. Prose
  • D. Poetry

8. A fable is a story in which________?

  • A. allegations are made about characters
  • B. animal is or things are used as characters
  • C. there is an important setting
  • D. the story is told in poetic form

9. The juxtaposition of two contrasting ideas in a line of poetry is_________?

  • A. euphemism
  • B. synecdoche
  • C. catharsis
  • D. oxymoron

10. The main aim of caricature is to_______?

  • A. describe
  • B. expose
  • C. emphasise
  • D. ridicule

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