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ICAN Professional Examination November 2021 Pre-Seen Case Study

The Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria ICAN Professional Examination November 2021 Pre-Seen Case Study has been published on ICAN portal. This will enhance candidates preparation for the November 2021 professional examination. Pre-seen case study is stated below.

ICAN Professional Examination November 2021 Pre-Seen Case Study

This material is issued prior to the examination date to enable candidates  familiarise themselves with the case scenario so as to undertake any research and  analysis they think fit. This pre-seen part of the Case Study examination is also  published on the Institute’s website: www.icanig.org/student

You MUST NOT bring this material with you to the Examination Hall. On receipt of the material, you are to spend the few days to the examination date to familiarise yourself with the information provided, carry out additional research and analysis about the industry and analyse the financials provided in preparation for the examination. Candidates should note that the use of pre-seen part of the Case Study will not significantly help them in their preparation for this examination. It is essential that they carry out sufficient analysis work on their own in order to have a good understanding of the pre-seen part of the case scenario. 

At the start of the examination, candidates will receive the complete case scenario which will include both the pre-seen and the unseen which includes the requirements. You must use the answer paper provided by ICAN in the Examination Hall. Any solution presented with other papers WILL NOT be marked/assessed.

ICAN Professional Examination November 2021 Pre-Seen Case Study

The marks in the Case Study examination are awarded for professional skills and are approximately allocated as follows:

Assimilating and using information20%
Structuring problems and solutions20%
}Applying judgement                                                                 20%
}Drawing conclusions and making recommendations   20%
}Demonstrating integrative and multidisciplinary skills  10%
}Presenting appropriate appendices                                           10%

Of the total marks available, 20% are awarded for the executive summary and approximately 10% for the relevant discussion of ethical issues within your answer to the requirements. Although ethical issues do not form a specific requirement, as this has been deemed to have been tested in other subjects of the ICAN professional examination, but will be tested within a requirement which may include the following areas:

  • Lack of professional independence or objectivity;
  • Conflicts of interest among stakeholders;
  • Doubtful accounting and /or creative accounting practice; } Unethical business/commercial practice; and
  • Inappropriate pressure to achieve a reported result.

Candidates should note that marks are not awarded for just simply restating facts from the case scenario but marks are awarded for demonstrating professional skills and technical depth. Therefore, to succeed, candidates are required to:

  • Show sufficient evidence of knowledge of the case scenario;
  • Be able to carry out appropriate analysis of the issues involved and suggest feasible solutions to the problems identified;
  • Demonstrate ability to make informed judgement on the basis of analysis carried out; and
  • Generate reasoned conclusions upon which relevant recommendations are made.

Candidate that omits any one of these will have a slim chance of success in the examination.

Download full Pre-Seen Case Study for ICAN

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