Earn your Degree from Ahmadu Bello University with EduTech

Earn your degree from Ahmadu Bello University with EduTech

Ahmadu Bello University is one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria. It is also one of the largest, with over 40,000 students enrolled. However, not everyone has the opportunity to attend ABU on-campus, NO JAMB IS REQUIRED

That’s where EduTech comes in. EduTech is a technology firm that partners with ABU to provide distance learning opportunities to students all over Nigeria. Through EduTech, you can earn your degree from ABU without ever having to set foot on campus.

EduTech’s distance learning platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible. You can access your courses and materials online, and you can interact with your lecturers and classmates through online forums and chat rooms.

EduTech also provides you with access to a dedicated support team who can help you with any technical or academic issues.

So if you’re looking for a way to earn your degree from Ahmadu Bello University, EduTech is the perfect solution. With EduTech, you can get the same quality education as on-campus students, without having to leave your home.

Earn your Degree from Ahmadu Bello University with EduTech

Application is now open for:

Undergraduate Programmes
  • BSc. Business Administration
  • BSc. Public Administration
  • BSc. Economics
  • BNSc. Nursing Science
  • BSc. Political Science
  • BSc. International Studies
  • BSc. Sociology
  • BSc. Accounting
  • BSc. Computer Science
Postgraduate Programmes

Master in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (MLCJ)Master in Information Management (MIM)Master in Public Administration (MPA)Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)Master in International Affairs and Diplomacy (MIAD)Master in Business Administration (MBA)(with 3 Specializations):

  • MBA – Finance and Investment Specialization
  • MBA – Human Resources Specialization
  • MBA – Marketing Specialization
  • MBA – Hajj Operations Specialization

Master in Public Health (MPH) (with 3 Specializations):

  • MPH – Epidemiology
  • MPH – Environmental and Occupational Health
  • MPH – Health Promotion and Prevention

Here are some of the benefits of enrolling at ABU DLC via EduTech:

  • Flexibility: You can study at your own pace and from anywhere in the world.
  • Affordability: EduTech’s tuition fees are significantly lower than on-campus tuition fees.
  • Quality education: You will have access to the same high-quality courses and lecturers as on-campus students.
  • Support: You will have access to a dedicated support team who can help you with any technical or academic issues.

If you are interested in enrolling at ABU DLC via EduTech, you can visit the ABU DLC website or contact EduTech directly.

Here are the links to the ABU DLC website and EduTech:

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