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Chartered Banker MBA Programme for Spring 2021

Chartered Banker MBA Programme for Spring 2021.

The Chartered Banker MBA and postgraduate certificate in bank management and technology programmes is on-going according to the institute website, application form, criteria and others necessary requirement are stated below

“Applications are invited for the Spring 2021 semester for the Chartered Banker MBA or Postgraduate Certificate in Bank Management & Technology. The application form is simply completed by filling in a downloadable pdf from.”



“If you would like your eligibility confirming prior to applying, please provide supporting documents such as a cv and/or an Eligibility Request Form, which you can access Here, and if you have transcripts of professional or postgraduate programmes of studies undertaken, this is helpful. Please note that the admissions team will advise you on what information is required to support your application, so obtaining transcripts for previous study should not delay your application”.

“Once enrolled onto the programme, students have 3 months of their first semester to provide certified copies of their certificates”.

Find out more about the Application Process here

Chartered Banker MBA Programme for Spring 2021
Chartered Banker MBA Programme for Spring 2021

Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria is an Accredited Partner of the Chartered Banker MBA programme and as such is able to assist you with all matters relating to your entry to the programme. Applicants who have undertaken previous qualifications may be entitled to entry to one of the Accelerated study routes”.

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