Which of the following is evidence of evolution?

Which of the following is evidence of evolution?
A. All of the above.
B. Similarities in embryonic development
C. Fossils of extinct organisms
D. Homologous structures in different species

Correct Option: Answer is A
All of the above (A) is the correct answer!
Each of the listed options provides evidence for evolution:
Similarities in embryonic development: Even different species, like humans and fish, share similar embryonic stages, hinting at a common ancestor and evolutionary divergence.
Fossils of extinct organisms: The fossil record showcases countless organisms that no longer exist, demonstrating diversification and change over time, a hallmark of evolution.
Homologous structures in different species: Structures like the pentadactyl limb (five-fingered hands) found in many vertebrates, despite serving different functions, suggest a shared evolutionary heritage.

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