Physics 2019 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Physics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. The limiting frictional force between two surface depends on

    I. the normal reaction between the surfaces

    II. the area of surface in contact

    III. the relative velocity between the surfaces

    IV. the nature of the surface

    • A. I only
    • B. I & IV only
    • C. II only
    • D. III only

2. If a body moves with a constant speed and at the same time undergoes an acceleration, its motion is said to be

  • A. oscillation
  • B. circular
  • C. rotational
  • D. rectilinear

3. When blue and green colours of light are mixed, the resultant colour is

  • A. cyan
  • B. magenta
  • C. black
  • D. yellow

4.  A metal rod has a length of 100cm at 200\(^oC\). At what temperature will its length be 99.4cm. If the linear expansivity of the material of the rod is 2 x 10\(^{-5}C^{-1}\)

  • A. 200\(^o\)C
  • B. 300\(^o\)C
  • C. 100\(^o\)C
  • D. -100\(^o\)C

5.  According to kinetic molecular model, in gases

  • A. The molecule are very fast apart & occupy all the space made available
  • A. The particles vibrate about fixed positions and are held together by the strong intermolecular bond between them
  • B. The particles occur in clusters with molecules slightly farther apart
  • D. The particles are closely packed together, they occupy minimum space & are usually arranged in a regular pattern


The value of T in the figure above is

  • A. 30N
  • B. 10.0N
  • C. 20N
  • D. 40N

7. A train has an initial velocity of 44m/s and an acceleration of -4m/s2. Calculate its velocity after 10 seconds

  • A. 10m/s
  • B. 6m/s
  • C. 8m/s
  • D. 4m/s

8. Lamps in domestic lightings are usually in

  • A. series
  • B. divergent
  • C. convergent
  • D. parallel

9. During the transformation of matter from the solid to the liquid state, the heat supplied does not produce temperature increase because

  • A. all the heat is used to break the bonds holding the molecules of the solid together
  • B. the heat capacity has become very large as the substance melts
  • C. the heat energy is quickly conducted away
  • D. the heat gained is equal to the heat lost by the substance

10.  In a slide wire bridge, the balance is obtained at a point 25cm from one end of wire 1m long. The resistance to be tested is connected to that end and a standard resistance of 3.6\(\Omega\) is connected to the other end of the wire. Determine the value of the unknown resistance

  • A. 3.2\(\Omega\)
  • B. 1.4\(\Omega\)
  • C. 3.21\(\Omega\)
  • D. 1.2\(\Omega\)
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