Physics 2018 Past Question | WAEC

Study the following Physics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

21. Rainbow formation is a natural phenomenon illustrating that white light

  • A. splits into three components after rainfall
  • B. is dispersed by glass prisms
  • C. splits into its constituent colours before rainfall
  • D. is dispersed into its constituent colours after rainfall

22.         physics

The lens illustrated above can best be described as a

  • A. converging meniscus
  • B. plano-convex
  • C. diverging meniscus
  • D. bi-convex

23. Two plane mirrors are inclined to each other such that an object placed between them has 11 images. Determine the angle of inclination 

  • A. 30°
  • B. 45°
  • C. 60°
  • D. 90°

24. The pitch of a note is not affected by

  • A. frequency
  • B. tension in a vibrating string
  • C. mass of a vibrating string
  • D. amplitude of sound wave

25. When two flat plate conductors are arranged in such a way that they possess equal and opposite charges seperated by a dielectric, they form a/an

  • A. electroscope
  • B. electrophorus
  • C. capacitor
  • D. cell

26.PHYSICS 2019 waec

Which electrical device is illustrated above?

  • A. a.c. generator
  • B. a.c. motor
  • C. d.c. generator
  • D. d.c. motor

27. A simple barometer is constructed using a liquid Q1 of density 16.2g/c. Calculate the least lenth of the tube to be used to measure pressure of 1.5atm.  [Density of mercury = 13.6g/c, 1atm = 76.0 cm of Mercury]

  • A. 1358mm
  • B. 957mm
  • C. 760mm
  • D. 638mm

28.   PHYSICS 2019 waec

The diagram above illustrates the mercury-in-glass thermometer used for determining the temperature of a room. Use the data on it to determine the room temperature. 

  • A. 3.3°C
  • B. 7.0°C
  • C. 13°C
  • D. 30.0°C

29. To obtain a virtual, erect and magnified image from a thin converging lens, an object must be placed 

  • A. between the focus and the lens
  • B. at the focus
  • C. between the focal length and twice the focal length
  • D. beyond twice the focal length

30. PHYSICS 2019 waec

The diagram above represents a transverse travelling wave. Which two points are 180° out of phase?

  • A. A and E
  • B. B and D
  • C. C and F
  • D. D and H
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