Physics 2018 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Physics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

21. The pitch of an acoustic device can be increased by

  • A. decreasing the loudness
  • B. increasing the intensity
  • C. increasing the frequency
  • D. decreasing the intensity

22. One of the features of the fission process is that

  • A. it leads to chain reaction
  • B. its products are not radioactive
  • C. neutrons are not released
  • D. the of the masses of the reactants equals the sum of the masses of the products

23. The linear expansivity of brass is 2 x 10\(^{-5}\) C\(^{-1}\). If the volume of a piece of brass is 15.00cm at 0°C, what is the volume at 100°C

  • A. 16.03cm\(^3\)
  • B. 15.09cm\(^3\)
  • C. 16.00cm\(^3\)
  • D. 15.03cm\(^3\)

24. A lead bullet of mass 0.05 kg is fired with a velocity of 200 m/s into a lead block of mass 0.95 kg. Given that the lead block can move freely, the final kinetic energy after impact is

  • A. 100J
  • A. 150J
  • C. 50J
  • D. 200J

25. In a series R-L-C circuit at resonance, the voltages across the resistor and the inductor are 30V and 40V respectively. What is the voltage across the capacitor?

  • A. 30V
  • B. 70V
  • C. 50V
  • D. 40V

26. If the fraction of the atoms of a radioactive material left after 120years is  1/64, what is the half-life of the material?   1/64


  • A. 20 years
  • B. 10 years
  • C. 2 years
  • D. 24 years


In the diagram shown, which of the simple pendulum will resonate with P when set into oscillation?

  • A. U
  • B. T
  • C. R and T
  • D. Q and R

28. The time rate of loss of heat by a body is proportional to the

  • A. temperature of its surroundings
  • B. temperature of the body
  • C. difference in temperature between the body and its surroundings
  • D. ratio of the temperature of the body to that of its surroundings

29. A positively charged rod X is brought near an uncharged metal sphere Y and is then touched by a finger with X still in place. When the finger is removed, the result is that Y has

  • A. no charge and a zero potential
  • B. a positive charge and a zero potential
  • C. a negative charge and a positive potential
  • D. a negative charge and a negative potential

30. Electrical appliances in homes are normally earthed so that

  • A. a person touching the appliances is safe from electric shock
  • B. both the a.c. and d.c. sources can be used
  • C. the appliances are maintained at a higher pd than the earth
  • D. the appliances are maintained at a lower pd than the earth

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