Physics 2017 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Physics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

21. physics 2017 past question

The net capacitance in the circuit above is
  • A. 80µF
  • B. 6.0µF
  • C. 4.0µF
  • D. 2.0µF

22. The instrument used to measure the pressure of a gas is

  • A. barometer
  • B. thermometer
  • C. hygrometer
  • D. manometer

23. A radio station broadcast at a frequency of 600KHZ. If the speed of light in air is 3 × 108ms\(^{−1}\). Calculate the wavelength of the radio wave

  • A. 2.20 × 10\(^3\)m
  • B. 5.0 × 10\(^2\)m
  • C. 5.0 × 10\(^5\)m
  • D. 11.8 × 10\(^{11}\)m

24. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

  • A. Tension
  • B. Weight
  • C. Impulse
  • D. Mass

25. Determine the focal length of a thin converging lens if the power is 5.0 dioptres

  • A. 0.1 m
  • B. 0.2 m
  • C. 2.0 m
  • D. 2.5 m

26.  A string of length 5cm is extended by 0.04m when a load of 0.8kg is suspended at the end. How far will it extend if a force of 16N is applied? [g = 10ms2]

  • A. 0.04m
  • B. 0.12m
  • C. 0.01m
  • D. 0.08m

27. How can energy loss be minimized through Eddy-current?

  • A. By using high resistance wire
  • B. By using insulated soft iron wires
  • C. By using low resistance wires
  • D. Bu using turns of wires


From the diagram above, calculate the energy stored in the capacitor
  • A. 4.0 x 102J
  • B. 4.0 x 104J
  • C. 8.0 x 104J
  • D. 8.0 x 102J

29. A constant force of 5N acts for a 5 seconds on a mass of 5kg initially at rest. Calculate the final momentum

  • A. 125kgms−1
  • B. 25kgms−1
  • C. 15kgms−1
  • D. 0kgms−1


I. Refraction

 II. Interference

 III. Diffraction

Which of the above properties are common to all waves?

  • A. II and III only
  • B. I, II and III
  • C. I and II only
  • D. I and III only
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