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Study the following Physics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. A man walks 1km due east and then 1 km due north His displacement

    • A. √2km N 45°E
    • B. 1km N 30°E
    • C. 1km N 15°E
    • D. √2km N 60°E

2. The density of 400cm of palm oil was 0.9gcm-3 before frying. If the density of the oil was 0.6gm-3 after frying, assuming no loss of oil due to spilling, its new volume was?

  • A. 1360cm3
  • B. 600cm3
  • C. 240cm3
  • D. 8000m3

3. Natural radioactivity consists of the emission of

  • A. α- particles and β-rays
  • B. α- particles and X-rays
  • C. α- particles, β – rays and g-rays
  • D. γ- rays and X-rays

4.  Which of the following is true of an electrical charge?

  • A. Positive charge means deficit electrons
  • B. Negative charge means excess of electrons
  • C. electric current means movement of electrons
  • D. All of the above

5. Which of the following does NOT describe the Image formed by a plane minor?

  • A. Erect
  • B. Laterally inverted
  • C. Same distance from mirror as object
  • D. Magnified

6. g7YHENr7akuQdsE9gSK5zrYIb9PCVBj3kA1y7yLz

What is the resultant resistance of the circuit in the image shown?

  • A. 8Ω
  • B. 11Ω
  • C. 4Ω
  • D. 3.6Ω

7. Which of the following best describes the energy changes which take place when a steam engine drives a generator which lights a lamp?

  • A. heat —-> Light—-> Sound —-> Kinetic
  • B. Kinetic —-> Light —-> Heat —-> Electricity
  • C. heat —-> Kinetic —-> Electricity —-> Heat and Light
  • D. electricity —-> Kinetic —-> Heat —-> Light

8. Cathode rays are

  • A. High-energy electromagnetic waves
  • B. protons
  • C. neutrons
  • D. streams of electrons

9. A narrow beam of white light can be split up into different Colours by a glass prism. The correct explanation is that

  • A. white light Is an electromagnetic wave
  • B. the prism has all the colours of the white light
  • C. different colours of white light travel with different speeds in glass
  • D. white light has undergone total Internal reflection in the prism


The diagram shown represents a block-and-tackle pulley system on which an effort of W Newtons supports a load of 120.0N. If the efficiency of the machine is 40, then the value of W is?

  • A. 28.0
  • B. 48.0N
  • C. 233.0N
  • D. 50.0N

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