Physics 2020 Past Question | WAEC

Study the following Physics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. In collision between two objects, kinetic energy is conserved only if
  • A. one of the objects was initially at rest
  • B. potential energy is converted to work
  • C. the collision is inelastic
  • D. the collision is elastic

2. The quantity of motion of a body is its

  • A. acceleration
  • B. displacement
  • C. momentum
  • D. velocity

3. The volume of a fixed mass of a gas varies inversely as the pressure on it provided the temperature is constant. This statement is

  • A. Pressure law
  • B. Charles law
  • C. Boyle’s law
  • D. General gas law

4. An image formed on a screen is always

  • A. inverted
  • B. magnified
  • C. upright
  • C. virtual

5. How would the capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor be affected if the distance of separation of its plates is decreased? It will

  • A. increase in value
  • B. decrease slightly
  • C. remains unchanged
  • D. drop to zero

6.  Which of the following machines does not apply the lever principle?

  • A. Claw hammer
  • B. Wheelbarrow
  • C. Single pulley
  • D. sugar tong

7. The average distance moved by a molecule between collisions is called

  • A. molecular distance
  • B. intermolecular distance
  • C. mean distance
  • D. mean free path

8.  Which of the following waves requires a material medium for its propagation?

  • A. Radio waves
  • B. Light waves
  • C. Sound waves
  • D. X-rays

9. The depolarising agent in a Leclanche cell is?

  • A. carbon  rod
  • B. ammonium chloride
  • C. manganese (IV) oxide
  • D. zinc plate 

10. The material used to slow down the neutrons in a nuclear reactor is 

  • A. boron
  • B. copper
  • C. graphite
  • D. uranium

11. Which of the following statements explain why hot soapy water is more effective in cleaning oil-stained dishes?

  • A. The oil on the dishes repels the soap
  • B. soap and heat decrease the surface tension of oil
  • C. soap increases the surface tension of oil and water
  • D. Hot water increases the surface tension of oil

12. The diagram above illustrates a beam of parallel rays from a distant object O, incident on one side of the total reflecting prism. Which diagram does not represent the correct path of the beam when it emerges from the prism?

  • A. W
  • B. X
  • C. Y
  • D. Z

13. An electrical device has 50 turns in its primary coil be an

  • A. step-up transformer
  • B. step-down transformer
  • C. d.c generator
  • D. a.c generator

14. The earpiece of a telephone handset converts energy from

  • A. electrical to sound
  • B. sound to electrical
  • C. sound to electrical
  • D. sound to radio wave

15. Two identical cups containing the same volume of water at 45°C and 5°C, are left in a room at 25°C. Which of the following graphs correctly illustrates the variation of temperature with time?

  • A. A
  • B. B
  • C. C
  • D. D
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