Physics 2019 Past Question | WAEC

Study the following Physics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. The time rate of increase in velocity is called
  • A. force
  • B. momentum
  • C. acceleration
  • D. speed

2. Which of the following quantities is a vector?

  • A. Volume
  • B. Momentum
  • C. Energy
  • D. Speed

3. In an elastic collision, momentum is conserved as well as well as

  • A. velocity
  • B. kinetic energy
  • C. potential energy
  • D. speed

4. The induced current in a coil always flows in a direction so as to oppose the change that causes it. This statement is known as

  • A. Coulomb’s law
  • B. Lenz’s law
  • C. Faraday’s law
  • D. Ampere’s law

5. Which of the following instruments can be used to compare the magnitudes of charges on two given bodies?

  • A. Electrophorus
  • B. Ebonite rod 
  • C. Gold-leaf electroscope
  • D. Proof planes

6. A body of mass 2 kg is released from a point 100 m above the ground. Calculate its kinetic energy 80m  from the point of release.

  • A. 1600 J
  • B. 900 J
  • C. 600 J
  • D. 200 J

7. Which of the following waves is not mechanical?

  • A. Waves in pipes
  • B. Water waves
  • C. Radio waves
  • D. Sound waves

8. A loaded spring is set in simple harmonic motion. The force that tends to restore the load to its equilibrium position is

  • A. adhesive
  • B. elastic
  • C. frictional
  • D. gravitational

9. Which of the following cases cannot produce total internal reflection? A light ray travelling from

  • A. glass to water
  • B. kerosene to air
  • C. air to water
  • D. water to ice

10. The vacuum in a thermoflask reduces heat loss resulting from

  • A. radiation only
  • B. conduction and convection only
  • C. radiation and convection only
  • D. conduction only

11. The diagram above represents an experimental set-up for verifying

  • A. lens formula
  • B. refraction laws
  • C. reflection laws
  • D. mirror formula

12. Which of the following statements about a moving object is correct?

  • A. When accelerating, the resultant force acting on it must be equal to zero.
  • B. There must always be a non-zero resultant force acting on it.
  • C. At a steady velocity, the resultant force acting on it must be equal to zero
  • D. At a steady velocity, the air resistance must be equal to zero.

13. If the efficiency of a transformer is 100%, which of the following equations would be correct? 

  • A. NpEp = NsEs
  • B. NsIp= NpIs
  • C. NsIs = NpIp
  • D. IpEs = IsEp

14. A freshly demagnetized bar magnet is placed in the East-West direction to ensure that

  • A. the molecular magnets remain randomly arranged. 
  • B. the molecular magnets are properly aligned
  • C. it is affected by the earth’s magnetic field
  • D. the magnetic domains are within the earth’s field

15. Which of the following graphs of a charge Q against potential difference V across the capacitor is correct?

  • A. A
  • B. B
  • C. C
  • D. D
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