Mathematics 2021 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Mathematics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

16. The sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon with k sides is (3k – 10) right angles. Find the size of the exterior
  • A. 60\(^o\)
  • B. 40\(^o\)
  • C. 90\(^o\)
  • D. 120\(^o\)

17.  Make U the subject of the relation:
x = \(\frac{2U-3}{3U+2}\)

  • A. \(\frac{2x+3}{3x-2}\)
  • B. \(\frac{2x-3}{3x-2}\)
  • C. \(\frac{2x+3}{2-3x}\)
  • D. \(\frac{2x+3}{3x+2}\)

18. A trader paid import duty of 38 kobo in the naira on the cost of an engine If a total of N22,800.00 was paid as import duty, calculate the cost of the engine

  • A. N60,000.00
  • B. N120,000.00
  • C. N24,000.00
  • D.N18,000.00

19.  The height of an equilateral triangle is 10\(\sqrt{3}\). Calculate its perimeter.

  • A. 20cm
  • B. 60cm
  • C. 40cm
  • D. 30cm

20.  In triangle LMN, |LM|=6cm, angle LMN = 90o , angle LNM =x and sinx=3/5. Find the area of triangle LMN.

  • A. 60cm2
  • B. 48cm2
  • C. 24cm2
  • D. 30cm2

21.  Consider the statements:

P: All students offering Lieutenant (L) also offer History (H);

Q: students offering History (H) do not offer Geography (G). which of the venn diagrams correctly illustrate the two statements?



22.  Find the quadratic equation whose roots are -2q and 5q.

  • A. x2 +3qx -10q2 =0
  • B.  x2 +3qx +10q2 =0
  • C.  x2 -3qx +10q2 =0
  • D.  x2 -3qx -10q2 =0

23.  if tan θ=3/4, 180o<θ<270o , find the value of cos θ.

  • A. 4/5
  • B. 3/5 
  • C. -4/5 
  • D. -3/5

24. If \(\frac{2}{x-3}\) – \(\frac{3}{x-2}\) = \(\frac{P}{x-3}\)\({x-2}\), find P

  • A. (5-x)
  • B. (x+5)
  • C. (13-x)
  • D. -(5x-13)

25. The diagonals of a rhombus are 12 cm and 5 cm, calculate its perimeter.

  • A. 26cm
  • B. 24cm
  • C. 17cm
  • D. 34cm


In the diagram, triangle XYZ is produced to T. if |XY|=|ZY| and angle XYT = 40o , find angle XZT Q26

  • A. 110o
  • B. 130o
  • C. 120o
  • D.140o

27. A solid brass cube is melted and recast as a solid cone of height h and base radius If the height of the cube is h. find r in terms of h

  • A. r =h
  • B.  r = \(\frac{\sqrt{3h}}{π}\)
  • C. r = πh
  • D. r = h\(\frac{\sqrt{3}}{π}\)

28. Which of the following is not an exterior angle of n regular polygon?

  • A. 66o
  • B. 72o
  • C. 24o
  • D. 15o

29. From a point T a man moves 12 km due West and then moves 12 km due South to another point Q. Calculate the bearing of T from Q.

  • A. 225o
  • B. 315o
  • C. 045o
  • D. 135o

30.  In the diagram, O is the centre of the circle PQRS, angle PQR=72o and OR//PS, find angle OPS.

  • A. 18\(^o\)
  • B. 108\(^o\)
  • C. 54\(^o\)
  • D.36\(^o\)


  1. (a) If A = {multiples of 2}, B = {multiples of 3} and C = {factors of 6} are subsets of μ= {x:1 ≤x 5 ≤  10} find A ∩ B ∩ C

(b) Tickets for a movie premiere cost $18.00 each while the bulk purchase price for 5 tickets is $80.00. If 4 gentlemen decide to get a fifth person to join them so that they can share the bulk purchase price equally, how much would each person save?

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