Literature in English 2019 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Literature in English past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

31. The most dominant poetic device used in Okara’s ‘Panio and Drums’ is_______

  • A. Metaphor
  • B. Symbolism
  • C. Pathetic Fallacy
  • D. Analogy

32. In Lenrie’s ‘The Panic of Growing Older’, another significant theme therein is on the___________

  • A. fear of natural disasters
  • B. uncertainties of life
  • C. futility of war
  • D. essence of mankind and nature

33. The withdrawal of rest from man according to George Herbert in ‘The Pulley’ is particularly because_____

  • A. man by nature has the tendencies to be lazy
  • B. of the need for human survival
  • C. God wants man to feel less of himself
  • D. of the space for God’s worship

34.  Blake’s ‘The School Boy’ advocates for____________

  • A. a fine balancing between work and pleasure for a child’s development
  • B. the liberty of the child to explore nature and life without restraints
  • C. the promotion of the culture of excellence in a child’s academic endavour
  • D. a proper disciplinary culture for the training of a child

35.  A significant literary device employed by Morris in ‘The Proud King’ is that of________

  • A. Suspense
  • B. Nemesis
  • C. Agon
  • D. Interlude

36. Aloho begins her harvest of corruption when____________

  • A. she found out the truth about Chief Ade Amaka
  • B. she discovered she was 3 months pregnant and abortion was impossible
  • C. her best friend warned her about the deceitfulness of Chief Ade Amaka
  • D. she eventually died after giving birth to a baby girl

37. The metaphorical significance of Frank Ogodo’s ‘Harvest of Corruption’ is seen in the theme of_____________

  • A. corruption
  • B. unemployment
  • C. retribution
  • D. betrayal of public trust

38.  The voice of reason in the ‘Harvest of Corruption’ is exemplified in the character of___________

  • A. Ochuole
  • B. Ogeyi
  • C. Madam Hoha
  • D. Aloho

39. The characterisation of Othello maybe pointed out in that__________

  • A. he remains at a distance from much of the action that concerns and affects him at the beginning
  • B. he refuses to appoint Lago as the Lieutenant
  • C. although he is a cultural outsider in Venice, his military skills are valuable to the State
  • D. Lago sees him as an enemy

40. The setting of Shakespeare’s Othello is____________

  • A. Verona
  • B. Venice
  • C. the Faroe Islands
  • D. Bulgaria

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