Literature In English 2017 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Literature in English past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

11. The question is based on Richard Writer’s Native Son

Bigger kills Mary due to______?

  • A. Fear
  • B. Hatred
  • C. Envy
  • D. Distrust

12. This question is based on Selected Poems from Johnson, R et al(eds): New Poetry from Africa; Soyinka, (ed); Poems of Black Africa; Senanu, K.E, and Vicent, T.(ed.):
A Selection of African Poetry; Gbemisola A.: Naked Soles; Hayward, J.(ed.); The Penguin Book of English Verse and Nwoga, D.(ed.): West African Verse.

One of the thematic preoccupations of Awooner’s The Anvil and the Hammer is

  • A. clash of cultures
  • B. revival of colonalism
  • C. the changing face of colonial masters
  • D. the good attributes of colonalism

13. This question is based on Bayo Adebowale’s Lonely Days.

The cap-picking ceremony is to

  • A. break the strong will of Yaremi
  • B. make Yaremi remarry
  • C. establish that she is wicked
  • D. prove that Ajumobi is not the best

14. This Question is based on General Literacy principles and Literacy Appreciations.

A poem used to express grief on the occasion of someone’s death is _______?

  • A. elergy
  • B. epic
  • C. dirge
  • D. sonnet

15. This question is based on Frank Ogodo Ogbeche’s Harvest of Corruption

(ACP Yakubu in his office)…

How can that old crook of a Judge acquit and discharge a very clear case of cocaine pushing. What evidence is he looking for?…’ The technique used in the excerpt above is called

  • A. interior monologue
  • B. apostrophe
  • C. dramatic monologue
  • D. soliloquoy

16. “And blossoms blown away”

The line above from William Blake’s poem ” The school boy” is an example of

  • A. personification
  • B. euphemism
  • C. alliteration
  • D. consonance

17. Who succeeded Othello as Governor of Cyprus?

  • A. Cassio
  • B. Lago
  • C. Montano
  • D. Gratiano

18. A character whose name is also the source of the title of the narrative is called ___?

  • A. round
  • B. eponymous
  • C. flat
  • D. tittled

19. This question is based on Amma Darko’s Faceless

The dominant tone of the novel is one of

  • A. bitterness
  • B. hope
  • C. fear
  • D. joy

20. Thus question is based on Frank Ogodo Ogbeche’s Harvest of Corruption

It can be deduced from the play that

  • A. drug pushing is lucrative
  • B. no crime will go unpunished
  • C. the wealthy also cry
  • D. people will always complain

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