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Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

41. One reason for the adoption of indirect rule in British West Africa was?

  • A. availability of British officials
  • B. to ensure justice
  • C. inadequate finance
  • D. to assimilate the indigenes

42. Which of the following policies replaced assimilation?

  • A. indigenat
  • B. loi cadre
  • C. association
  • D. indirect rule

43. Which of the following is a reason for the failure of the assimilation policy in French West Africa?

  • A. the change in the name of their culture
  • B. the refusal of Africans to be culturally colonized
  • C. the democratic policy of the french
  • D. bribery of the opinion leaders by the french

44. Nationalism prior to the second world war was led by?

  • A. educated elites and chiefs
  • B. chiefs and elders
  • C. aggrieved cocoa farmers
  • D. African merchants

45. Which of the following is not a factor leading to military intervention in west African states?

  • A. excessive control of public enterprise
  • B. falsification of election results
  • C. mismanagement of the country’s economy
  • D. corruption in high places

46. One of the problems of military administration in West Africa is that soldiers

  • A. are representatives of the people
  • B. lack discipline
  • C. are not well organized
  • D. are not trained for governance

47. In order to promote democracy and  good governance, the commonwealth of Nations 

  • A. prosecutes leaders who commit atrocities at the international criminal court
  • B. organises seminars and training programs on technical assistance to members
  • C. sanction members who do not pay their dues
  • D. sponsors election observer teams to monitor the conduct of elections.

48. Foreign policy of a country could be influenced by?

  • A. personality of political leader
  • B. number of schools in a country
  • C. number of ministers in a country
  • D. national

49. Which of the following is not a problem faced by ECOWAS 

  • A. financial security
  • B. political instability
  • C. larger market
  • D. colonial heritage

50. The united nation organisation (UNO) is primary regarded as successful because

  • A. its members continue to increase
  • B. of its control of outbreak of another world war
  • C. all member countries have veto power
  • D. more member countries acquire more nuclear power
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