Government 2018 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

31. public opinion can be measured through all of the following except the?

  • A. imposition of laws without any debate
  • B. conduct of opinion
  • C. general review
  • D. holding of referendum in a state

32. An electoral system which allows party members to elect candidates for elective offices is called?

  • A. by election
  • B. primary election
  • C. general election
  • D. direct election

33. On which of the following grounds can a citizen abstain from voting

  • A. religion
  • B. education
  • C. wealth
  • D. status

34. Indirect election is best described as?

  • A. only women electing legislators
  • B. the citizenry electing legislators
  • C. electoral college electing legislators
  • D. only adults electing legislators

35. The class that controls and supervises the activities of the executive class in the civil service is?

  • A. clerical class
  • B. manipulative class
  • C. professional class
  • D. administrative class

36. The agency responsible for investigating allegation of maladministration and punishing offending career officers in the executive is the?

  • A. federal character commission
  • B. ethics commission
  • C. judicial commission
  • D. public/civil service commission

37. The anonymity of civil servants means that they should not be? 

  • A. prosecuted for any professional misconduct
  • B. disciplined because of their expertise
  • C. above the law of the land
  • D. praised or blamed publicly

38. The following were limitations imposed on traditional rulers under colonial rule except?

  • A. were not permitted to raise armed forces
  • B. had no power to impose tax
  • C. had no power to install or dispose a chief
  • D. were no longer spiritual heads of the people

39. A system of administration which allowed traditional rulers to rule their people under the supervision of the British officials in West Africa is?

  • A. divide and rule
  • B. colonization
  • C. indirect rule
  • D. assimilation

40. Local government is established in order to?

  • A. bring government nearer to the people
  • B. build churches and mosque
  • C. curb corruption in the society
  • D. promote political apathy
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