Government 2020 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

31. Which of the following is not an electoral malpractice?

  • A. impersonation
  • B. threatening
  • C. campaigning for a candidate
  • D. gerrymandering

32. Local government sources of revenue can best be improved through?

  • A. schools
  • B. the collection of import duties
  • C. the provision of housing units
  • D. cottage industries

33. Public opinion is important in that, it ________

  • A. helps political parties to assess their policies
  • B. creates delays in the execution of policies
  • C. may be unreliable and misleading
  • D. can be manipulated by political opponents

34. One of the features of pressure groups is that all members ________

  • A. are rich
  • B. think in the same way
  • C. have similar interests
  • D. oppose the government

35. Which of the following modes of operation of pressure group undermines economics, social and political stability of the state ________

  • A. Lobbying
  • B. symposia
  • C. strikes
  • D. debates

36.  The police reform all the following functions except ________

  • A. Public execution of law breakers
  • B. prosecuting law breakers
  • C. protection of life and property
  • D. enforcement of law and order

37.  Which of the following is a reason for the failure of the assimilation policy in French West Africa?

  • A. The change in name of their culture
  • B. The refusal of the African to be culturally colonized
  • C. The paternal policy of the French
  • D.Bribery of the opinion leaders by the French

38.  The capital of the French Federation of West Africa states was located in?

  • A. Bamako, Mali
  • B. Dakar, Senegal
  • C. Conakry. Guinea
  • D. Niamey,Niger

39.  Under the crown colony system of administration, major policies were implemented in the colonies by the ________

  • A. Chiefs and their elders
  • B. Secretary of states for the colonies
  • C. Chiefs and the British
  • D. Colonial governor

40. One way of improving productivity in the public service is through?

  • A. promotion without examination
  • B. higher salaries and allowances
  • C. increase in working hours
  • D. open door policy

41.  Which of the following made the colonial Government a ” Virtual Dictator”?

  • A. Legislative council
  • B. Executive council
  • C. appointment of departmental heads
  • D. Reserved veto powers

42.  Which of the following is a feature of the French policy of Association?

  • A. Elevation of the position of the chiefs
  • B. French citizenship to subjects
  • C. scholarships to needy students
  • D. language barrier and race


  1. The African Union is most often unable to resolve conflicts because of _________
  • A. financial weakness
  • B. absence of African High Command
  • C. Differences in Culture
  • D. Language barrier and race

44.  The formation of the African Union is aimed at achieving a wider goal of ________

  • A. cultural integration
  • B. continental government
  • C. national solidarity
  • D. African identity

45. A major advantage of a country’s foreign policy is that, it __________

  • A. encourages infringement on the territories of other states
  • B. promotes the country’s national interest
  • C. stimulates political activities in the state
  • D. promotes understanding between the leaders and the led
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