Government 2020 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. In modern democracy, a government is _________
  • A. a contrast between the rulers and the ruled
  • B. a preserve of the political party in power
  • C. monopoly of the ethnic group
  • D. alternation of power between the majority and minority tribes

2.  The ability to make and enforce laws and administer justice constitute the major functions of a _________

  • A. nation
  • B. society
  • C. government
  • D. pressure group

3. Execute power in a cabinet system of government is vested in the ________

  • A. legislature
  • B. judiciary
  • C. civil service
  • D. council of ministers

4.  A feature of a confederal state is that _______

  • A. it is a single sovereign state
  • B. its constitution is flexible
  • C. any unit can secede at will
  • D. its powers are distributed equally between the centre and units

5. One of the limitations to the principles of rule of law is _________

  • A. Immunity
  • B. equality
  • C. liberty
  • D. impartiality

6.  Countries adopt unitary system of government because it __________

  • A. detests dictatorship
  • B. promote national integration
  • C. concentrates power only at the centre
  • D. allows the component units to secede at will

7. Which of the following is an advantage of monocephalous executive ___________

  • A. sharing of power
  • B. quick decision making
  • C. impartial dispension of justice
  • D. enjoyment of press freedom

8. A major difference between power and authority is that, authority is ________

  • A. scarcely exercised
  • B. more dependent on coercion
  • C. acquired popularly
  • D. exercised through force

9. Political participation can take the form of __________

  • A. belonging to a trade union
  • B. being a member of a pressure group
  • C. canvassing for votes
  • D. organizing festival for good harvest

10. Which of the following is a disadvantage of proportional representation?

  • A. encourages rigging
  • B. promotes strong government
  • C. makes for easy decision making in parliament
  • D. is difficult and cumbersome to operate

11.  The sum total of authority in a state unrestrained by law is _______

  • A. monarchy
  • B. society
  • C. oligarchy
  • D. sovereign

12. The flexibility and rigidity of constitution refer to the __________

  • A. sources of constitution
  • B. making of constitution
  • C. ease of amending constitution
  • D. coding of constitution

13.  The observance of Rule of Law in a state requires _________

  • A. an independent judiciary
  • B. an ineffective police system
  • C. a flexible constitution
  • D. existence of a two-party system

14. The principle of separating the judiciary from the other organs of government and making it free from executive and legislative influence is termed __________

  • A. judiciary
  • B. judicial review
  • C. separation of powers
  • D. fusions of powers

15. . The right to respect the personality of the individual is a _________

  • A. civil right
  • B. natural right
  • C. social right
  • D. economic right
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