Government 2019 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

31. The Commonwealth Secretariat is located in _________

  • A. Los Angeles
  • B. Kuala-Lumpur
  • C. London
  • D. Glasgow

32. Which colonial administration in West Africa sought to integrate her colonies with their home country?

  • A. British
  • B. Dutch
  • C. French
  • D. Danes

33. The following are benefits member countries derive from the Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS) except _______

  • A. economic cooperation
  • B. Larger market
  • C. military assistance
  • D. free ports

34. Which of the following is not an obligation of a citizen?

  • A. payment of taxes
  • B. voting in an election
  • C. protecting public property
  • D. attending religious gathering

35. The implementation of indirect rule was supervised by the __________

  • A. Chiefs and Councils of elders
  • B. British officials
  • C. spiritual leaders of the land
  • D. educated elite

36. The electronic and print media makes their views heard on national issues through_______

  • A. public notice
  • B. advertisement
  • C. documentary
  • D. editorial commentary

37.  Any type of restricted franchise is a violation of the principle of ________

  • A. constitutionalism
  • B. sovereignty
  • C. political equality
  • D. editorial commentary

38.  Public corporation can operate in a more efficient manner if they are ________

  • A. free from political interference
  • B. controlled by the judicial service commission
  • C. under the head of the civil service
  • D. controlled by the military

39. The agency responsible for fulfilling the purpose of the state is ________

  • A. government
  • B. pressure group
  • C. public corporation
  • D. media

40.  The power of the electorate signifies _________

  • A. political sovereignty
  • B. legal sovereignty
  • C. external sovereignty
  • D. internal sovereignty

41. The removal of government direct control and monopoly in manufacturing and service sectors is called __________

  • A. privatization
  • B. specialization
  • C. commercialization
  • D. decentralization

42. ECOWAS monitoring group (ECOMOG)  was established to ________

  • A. recruit able-bodied men to defend West Africa
  • B. restore peace to war-torn West African countries
  • C. change bad government in West Africa
  • D. corporation of the ex-servicemen with the governor

43. The major concern of the United Nations Organization (UNO) is world ________

  • A. trade
  • B. peace
  • C. health
  • D. cooperation

44. Nationalist agitation in British West Africa after the World War II led to the ________

  • A. disregard for traditional rulers who supported the British
  • B. formation of political parties
  • C. killing of British administrative officials
  • D. cooperation of the ex-servicemen with the governor

45. An African- American who contributed greatly to the growth of nationalism  in West Africa was _______

  • A. Martin Luther King
  • B. Jesse Jackson
  • C. Nelson Mandela
  • D. William Du Bois
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