Government 2017 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

11. A constitution is considered to be flexible if it _______?

  • A. can be amended by a simple majority
  • B. can be altered through special procedure
  • C. requires two third majority
  • D. is difficult to amend

12. The principle of checks and balances is important because it

  • A. prevents each organ of government from being dictatorial
  • B. frees other organs from judicial control
  • C. makes the organs confront themselves
  • D. makes the government to perform it civic responsibilities

13. Which of the following is a fundamental right? Right to

  • A. life
  • B. education
  • C. criticize government
  • D. public office

14. Government maintains law and order through the following except ________?

  • A. police
  • B. immigration
  • C. the legislature
  • D. prison service

15. A corrupt judicial system erodes the observance of ______?

  • A. national peace and stability
  • B. the rule of law
  • C. international laws and conventions
  • D. democratic values of the executive

16. Which of the following statements about public corporation is not true?

  • A. It is managed by a board of directors
  • B. It is established by an act of parliament
  • C. A huge capital is needed for its establishment
  • D. It is financed mainly by private individuals

17. Acceptability of the government in power by the governed is known as

  • A. legitimacy
  • B. sovereignty
  • C. democracy
  • D. authority

18. Which of the following countries practiced totalitarianism?

  • A. Germany, Russia and Japan
  • B. Italy, Russia and Germany
  • C. Italy, Germany and Japan
  • D. Russia, Italy and England

19. A function of government is _________

  • A. controlling electoral commission
  • B. organizing pressure groups
  • C. making of laws
  • D. forming political parties

20. The excessive power of the traditional rulers in the pre-colonial era could checked by ________

  • A. the hunters
  • B. the priests
  • C. children of the chiefs
  • D. the farmers

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