Government 2018 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

11. The principle of separation of power becomes meaningful when it is linked with the concept of? 

  • A. the certainty of the law
  • B. checks and balances
  • C. legality of the law
  • D. judicial independence

12. Which of the following does not militate against representative government in West Africa.

  • A. electoral irregularities
  • B. coup d’ etat
  • C. gagged media
  • D. universal adult suffrage

13. Those who believe in democracy and good governance are opposed to a single party system because?

  • A. encourages weak leadership
  • B. does not ensure national unity
  • C. curtails personal liberty
  • D. encourages divisiveness

14. The fundamental law of a country refers to its?

  • A. acts of parliament
  • B. conventions
  • C. constitution
  • D. judicial precedence

15. A country’s constitution could be derived from the following sources except?

  • A. judicial precedents
  • B. customary sources
  • C. statutory sources
  • D. party manifestoes

16. Planning and formulation of government policies are first initiated at?

  • A. cabinet meetings
  • B. media houses
  • C. political rallies
  • D. open forum

17. Which of the following is the primary function of a parliament

  • A. impeachment of the president
  • B. making of laws
  • C. ratifying international treaties
  • D. acting as an electoral college

18. Judicial review is a mechanism for checking?

  • A. arbitrary use of power
  • B. irresponsible journalism
  • C. electoral malpractices
  • D. military adventures

19. In a parliamentary system of government, the legislature and executive are fused to ensure 

  • A. supremacy of the ruling party in administering the state
  • B. smoothness in the administration of the state
  • C. the constitution is read in parliament at all time
  • D. the judiciary consults parliament before ruling on cases

20. A country with homogeneous societies and a small population is suitable for the establishment?

  • A. a unitary state
  • B. a nation state
  • C. a federal state
  • D. an autonomous state

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