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Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. A government performs the following functions except?

    • A. safeguarding life and property
    • B. maintaining law and order
    • C. providing all the needs of its citizens
    • D. providing basic welfare needs

2. A political system in which government controls every aspect of a citizens life is?

  • A. feudalism
  • B. monarchy
  • C. democracy
  • D. totalitarianism

3. A political system in which the state owns and controls the major means of production is known as? 

  • A. feudalism
  • B. socialism
  • C. fascism
  • D. capitalism

4. Communist governments aim at distributing goods and services according to?

  • A. gender and class
  • B. loyalty to the party
  • C. need and ability
  • D. work and residence

5.  The theory of separation of power is associated with?

  • A. Jean Bodin
  • B. Baron de Montesquieu
  • C. A.V Dicey
  • D. J.J Rousseau

6. The basic purpose of setting up a state is to?

  • A. maintain law and order
  • B. protect foreign interest
  • C. Promote development
  • D. provide social facilities

7. The process of taking part in the selection of leaders in a country is political?

  • A. socialization
  • B. participation
  • C. interaction
  • D. culture

8. By comparism, a state is?

  • A. less permanent than a government
  • B. more permanent than a government
  • C. more changeable than a government
  • D. equally permanent with a government

9. In modern democracy, a government is?

  • A. a contract between the rulers and the ruled
  • B. a preserve of the political party in power
  • C. monopoly of the ethnic groups in the majority
  • D. alternation of power between the minority and majority tribes

10. The rule of law can be limited by?

  • A. power
  • B. state of emergency
  • C. legitimacy
  • D. checks and balances

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