Government 2020 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

16. Which of the following constitutional provisions gives a high degree of autonomy to component parts of a unitary state?

  • A. Devolution
  • B. Delegation
  • C. Divestiture
  • D. Declaration

17. The following are redresses available at the courts for aggrieved people except _________

  • A. injunction
  • B. mandamus
  • C. certiorari
  • D. prorogation

18. Which of the following usually leads to the curtailment of the rights of citizens?

  • A. transitional period
  • B. granting of presidential pardon
  • C. period pf constitutional pardon
  • D. violent socio-political unrest

19. The national secretariat of a political party is managed by the ________

  • A. presidential candidate
  • B. funding members
  • C. national chairman and general secretary
  • D. national executive and youth organizer

20. The type of election which allows party members to elect candidates for elective offices is _________

  • A. general election
  • B. bye election
  • C. direct election
  • D. primary election

21. An opposition party which sees itself as ”government -in-waiting” is called ______

  • A. shadow government
  • B. caretaker government
  • C. national government
  • D. responsible government

22.  The document which sets out the programme of a political party and guides the electorate to vote for it is the ________

  • A. constitution
  • B. electoral register
  • C. manifesto
  • D. white paper

23. An advantage of a two-party system is that it __________

  • A. simplifies the electoral process
  • B. ensures winner takes all
  • C. protects the electoral commission
  • D. protects the electorate from vote buying

24. Which of the following is a non-partisan organization with the aim of influencing government policies?

  • A. Political party
  • B. Pressure group
  • C. Humanitarian
  • D. Relief organization

25. The collective views held by majority of citizens of a country about a particular policy is _________

  • A. national interest
  • B. public opinion
  • C. commentary
  • D. bulletin

26. An institution under the executive arm of government responsible for formulating and implementing government policies is the ________

  • A. public service
  • B. public corporation
  • C. civil service
  • D. judicial service

27. The following are means of controlling public corporation except _________

  • A. legislative control
  • B. judicial control
  • C. ministerial control
  • D. chief of staff control

28. The institution established by the constitution to be responsible for recruiting personnel into the civil service is the ___________

  • A. personnel management office
  • B. office of the president
  • C. National labour commission
  • D. Public service commission

29. If a winner emerges in an election as a result of his/her votes being more than the combined votes of the opposing contestants; what types of electoral system is being practiced?

  • A. Absolute majority
  • B. plurality
  • C. second ballot
  • D. alternative vote

30. Which of the following is a function of an electoral commission?

  • A. adjudicating election petitions
  • B. provision of electoral registers
  • C. disciplining personnel in the civil service
  • D. promotion of public servants

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