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Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

16. The following are the reasons widely espoused for military intervention and rules in West Africa except ______

  • A. Tribalism and Nepotism
  • B. inordinate ambition of soldiers
  • C. maladministration
  • D. religion

17. Which of the following electoral systems is ideal for a heterogeneous society?

  • A. simple majority
  • B. preferential ballot
  • C. non-transferable vote D. proportional representation

18. A constitution performs the role of ________

  • A. law making
  • B. law enforcement
  • C. communicating the ideals of leaders
  • D. stating the functions and limitations of leaders

19.  Impeachment process is a unique feature of the ______

  • A. parliamentary system
  • B. presidential system
  • C. federal system
  • D. unitary system

20. Which of the following is a function of the party whip?

  • A. flogging erring party members
  • B. ensuring that the members tow the party position
  • C. ensuring the safety of the speaker
  • D. assessing the performance of the law makers

21. Labour groups mostly come under the umbrella of the ________

  • A. industrial workers’ union
  • B. trades union congress
  • C. anomic group
  • D. civil defense

22. The major problem facing electoral management bodies in West Africa is _______

  • A. Lack of qualified personnel
  • B. poor communication network
  • C. foreign interference
  • D. electoral malpractice

23. The features of a state include all the following except _______

  • A. government
  • B. territory
  • C. society
  • D. population

24.  To facilitate movement of people from one member to another the Economic Community of West  African States (ECOWAS) has _________

  • A. created several border posts within member states
  • B. waived visa requirements for citizens of member countries
  • C. created one currency for all member countries
  • D. maintained regional peace and security through deployment of forces

25. Public Corporations are referred to as statutory bodies because they are established by _________

  • A. a legislative instrument
  • B. Acts of parliament
  • C. an executive instrument
  • D. Bye-laws

26. Which state institution serves as a link between the government and the people?

  • A. Office of the president
  • B. The civil service
  • C. the judiciary
  • D. the church

27. The media play a vital role in the political environment in that, it ________

  • A. articulates the views of individuals
  • B. incites people to be lawless
  • C. projects individuals above the state
  • D. articulates the views of the ruling party

28.  Military might is a major determinant of a country’s _______

  • A. independence
  • B. democracy
  • C. foreign policy
  • D. wealth

29.  The major role of minority parties in parliament is to _______

  • A. criticize every government policy
  • B. ensure democratic governance
  • C. monitor the activities of the president
  • D. supervise the passage of bills

31.  The political parties established in West Africa in the 1950’s were aimed at ________

  • A. securing independence for their people
  • B. Participating in the colonial administration
  • C. introducing guerilla warfare against Europeans
  • D. representing their people in the British parliament
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