Government 2019 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

31. Under the 1999 constitution, the Chief Law Officer and the Supreme Court Judge respectively are the_______ 

  • A. Chief Justice, Chief Judge
  • B. Minister of Justice, Chief Judge
  • C. Attorney-General, Chief Justice
  • D. Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice

32.  The basis of the Nigerian foreign policy thrust particularly during the Independence Constitution era was … in nature

  • A. afrocentric
  • B. eurocentric
  • C. neo-colonialistic
  • D. anti-apartheid

33. In the 4th republic, the political parties were______

  • A. NAP, PDP and APGA
  • B. PDP, APP, AD
  • D. PDP, APGA, AD

34. The Economic and Financials Crime Commission (EFCC) scope and nature of duty may not extend to_______

  • A. arresting suspects of cyber crime and online fraud
  • B. arresting the giver and the taker in a corruption case
  • C. conducting trials and punishing persons involved in corruption matters
  • D. investigating cases of substance and drug abuse intersecting with money laundering

35. The Green Revolution programme was the effected manifesto of the …….. in 1979

  • A. UPN
  • B. NPN
  • C. NPP
  • D. GNPP

36. Nigeria’s federalism is often considered a flaw along the standard test of the Classical federalism ideology labelled along with_______

  • A. Abraham Lincoln
  • B. K.C Wheare
  • C. Thomas Hobbes
  • D. Aristotle

37. The most representative organ of the united nations is the_______

  • A. General Assembly
  • B. Security Council
  • C. Economic and Social Council
  • D. International Court of Justice

38.  Executive Council of the African Union makes decision by_______

  • A. 1/3 majority vote
  • B. discretion
  • C. consensus
  • D. the veto of the General Secretariat

39. Amendment of the U. N. O. charter is the duty of the ……..

  • A. Security Council
  • B. Secretariat
  • C. General Assembly
  • D. Trusteeship Council

40. The fact that the office of the Chairman is rotational in ECOWAS makes it a perfect example of a/an ……..

  • A. Cartel
  • B. Confederacy
  • C. Economic and Egalitarian political merger
  • D. Collegiate
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