Government 2019 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

21.  Twelve States creation is a reknown achievement of the … regime

  • A. Abdulsalam Abubakar’s
  • B. Ibrahim Babaginda’s
  • C. Yakubu Gowon’s
  • D. Murtala Mohammed’s

22.  The basis of the Nigerian foreign policy thrust particularly during the Independence Constitution era was … in nature

  • A. afrocentric
  • B. eurocentric
  • C. neo-colonialistic
  • D. anti-apartheid

23.  The Brussel conference in 1889/90 was based on______

  • A. putting an end to slave trade
  • B. the scramble for Africa
  • C. furthering the decision on colonialism as previously discussed in the Berlin conference
  • D. deciding on how to penetrate Africa for economic adventurism

24.  According to Lewis Samuel, ‘is identified with pure conquest and unequivocal exploitation…’

  • A. Neo colonialism
  • B. Progressive Imperialism
  • C. Regressive Imperialism
  • D. Colonialism

25. One of the major defects of the Nigerian council which necessitated its replacement was that….

  • A. the meetings of the council were poorly attended
  • B. the council could only make law for the southern protectorate
  • C. the executive council was powerful than it
  • D. the council was unrepresentative

26.  An important provision of the 1946 constitution was that it ……..

  • A. conceived federalism for Nigeria
  • B. introduced federalism in Nigeria
  • C. introduced official majority in the legislative council for the 1st time
  • D. for the 1st time, introduced the office of the head of government at the regional level

27.  In the all-Nigerian constitutional conference of 1950________

  • A. all official members of the legislative council participated
  • B. it was resolved that the Nigerians federation be organized on ethnic basis
  • C. it was concluded that a quasi-federal structure should be developed for colonial Nigeria
  • D. all unofficial members of the legislative council participated

28. Implementations of the target programmes of the government is the primary duty of the _____ a part of the _____

  • A. Courts; Judiciary
  • B. Public Service; Civil Service
  • C. Civil Service; Public Service
  • D. Ministers; Ministry of Works

29. The most recent target plans and agenda of the United Nations are known as the______

  • A. Resolution 2020
  • B. Millenium Development Goals
  • C. Agenda 2063
  • D. Sustainable Development Goals

30.  The federal judge under the 1963 constitution could be removed by the______

  • A. 2/3 majority of the National Assembly
  • B. Federal Judicial Service Commission
  • C. Nigerian Judicial Council
  • D. Executive president
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