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Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

11.  A vote of confidence means______

  • A. the same as impeachment in a presidential system
  • B. the ability of the head of state to dissolve the parliament when collective responsibility fails to hold
  • C. the act of showing disapproval to the prime minister having breached the collective responsibility doctrine
  • D. the disapproval with dismissal in effect, the ministers and its head

12. A cabinet re-shuffle takes place……

  • A. only when a motion of no confidence is passed
  • B. when dissolution is held
  • C. when prorogation and collective responsibility have their way
  • D. when the shadow cabinet fails in its effectiveness

13.  Popular political participation means________

  • A. having majority of the people partaking in politics
  • B. having a good number of voters in the electoral process
  • C. the aggregate efforts of more than half of the citizens to partake in public debate and politics
  • D. the sum total of all activities exerted by the majority with enthusiasm actively involving in all aspects of their political sphere

14.  The Hausa/Fulani Empire as a result of its heterogeneous population adopted_________

  • A. A unitary system where full concentration of power prevailed
  • B. A federal structure where powers were decentralized although autocratic
  • C. A quasi federal structure with devolution
  • D. A partial federal set up with deconcentration

15.  The area from which one or more members or representatives are elected in public offices is called the electoral ……..

  • A. College
  • B. Constituency
  • C. Ward
  • D. District

16. Citizenship by naturalization________

  • A. is the same as citizenship by marriage and registeration
  • B. refers to the process of attaining citizenship through honorary means
  • C. is the act of a non-citizen having satisfied the constitutional criteria becoming a legal member of a state
  • D. is the medium by which an alien through the judiciary receives certification and attains citizenship by birth

17.  The last measure used by the pressure groups issuing a condition to be satisfied within a stipulated time is called_______

  • A. Lobbying
  • B. Ultimatum
  • C. Dialogue
  • D. Strike

18.  Generally, a political party with only manifestoes without fulfillment is a/an _____

  • A. conservative party
  • B. elitist party
  • C. theocratic party
  • D. republican party

19.  A form of government organized by a council of military officers is called______

  • A. Militocracy
  • B. Stratocracy
  • C. Military Junta
  • D. Mobocracy

20. The non-stratified society in the pre-colonial era was that of the …….. where decisions were made________

  • A. Yoruba, by the Oyomesi
  • B. Igbo, by consensus
  • C. Hausa/Fulani, by the Emir
  • D. Igbo, by the Okpara
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