Government 2017 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. According to Karl Max, socialism developed as a consequence of the evils of ________
    • A. monarhcy
    • B. communalism
    • C. feudalism
    • D. capitalism

2. In the United States of America, legislature is called the

  • A. Congress
  • B. National Assembly
  • C. National Security
  • D. Parliament

3. Which of the following agents can be considered as the most effective agent of political socialization? The _______

  • A. family
  • B. peer group
  • C. school
  • D. mass media

4. A corrupt judicial system erodes the observance of _______

  • A. national peace and stability
  • B. the rule of law
  • C. international laws and conventions
  • D. democratic values of the executive

5. The body responsible for the implementation of law is the _____

  • A. judiciary
  • B. legislature
  • C. executive
  • D. court

6. In a constitutional monarchy, the king or queen is referred to as

  • A. ceremonial head
  • B. political head
  • C. constitutional head
  • D. democratic leader

7. Military intervention into the politics of a state involves ______

  • A. an overthrow of a legitimate government by pressure groups
  • B. the seizure of power from a legitimate government by the armed forces
  • C. violent overthrow of a democratic government by the police
  • D. the legitimate seizure of power by the police and civilians

8. Local government are vital in modern politics as they ________

  • A. encourage dictatorship
  • B. train the local people in the art of governance
  • C. make laws for the whole country
  • D. execute government policies at all levels

9. Which of the following is a civil/public servant?

  • A. House majority leader
  • B. Clerk of the House
  • C. Party whip
  • D. Minister of education

10. In a military regime, the arms of government that are usually fused are _________

  • A. executive and judiciary
  • B. legislature and local council
  • C. legislature and executive
  • D. judiciary and the press
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