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Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

31. A human community that is usually cohesive and homogeneous is a

  • A. clan
  • B. state
  • C. nation
  • D. kingship

32. A true democracy in the modern sense exists where the

  • A. elite rules
  • B. elected representatives rule
  • C. majority of the people vote
  • D. majority of the people rule

33. A state that is ruled by an elected citizen is

  • A. an empire
  • B. a monarchy
  • C. a republic
  • D. a plutocracy

34. Political socialization is associated with

  • A. free choice of party programmes
  • B. military takeover of civilian government
  • C. the transmission of political values
  • D. political transition

35. OPEC has strong influence with the__________

  • A. IMF
  • B. EU
  • C. ADB
  • D. AU

36. The development of a classless society is the goal of __________

  • A. liberalism
  • B. maxism
  • C. conservatism
  • D. feudalism

37. In the old OYO empire, the Ajele

  • A. was the head of the army
  • B. ensured the safety of all trade routes
  • C. ensured good governance of the districts
  • D. mobilized the army

38. Rhodesia was the former name of

  • A. Zambia
  • B. Namibia
  • C. Zimbabwe
  • D. Swaziland

39. The Yoruba traditional system of government was

  • A. monarchical
  • B. egalitarian
  • C. republican
  • D. democratic

40. Citizenship of a state by descent requires that______

  • A. one is born and bred in the state
  • B. one’s mother was born in the state
  • C. one’s grand parents were citizens of that state
  • D. one is domiciled in that state

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