Government 2017 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

41. One of the demerits of the privatization of public corporations in Nigeria is ?

  • A. scarcity of goods and services
  • B. higher cost of goods and services
  • C. creation of unemployment
  • D. inefficient service delivery

42. The indirect dimension of changing the government is known as ___ ?

  • A. coup de ta’t
  • B. military rule
  • C. election
  • D. electorate

43. The head of the palace in the pre-colonial hausa system is ?

  • A. Sarkin dawaki
  • B. sarkin gida
  • C. sarkin fada
  • D. sarkin ruwa

44. What is the name of the motion brought before the chamber asking that leave be given to bring in a bill?

  • A. government motion
  • B. enactment
  • C. approval
  • D. leave

45. Early nationalist activities manifested in the form of _____?

  • A. discrimination
  • B. resistance
  • C. participation
  • D. disagreement

46. The appointment and dissolution of the board of directors of the public corporation fall under _______?

  • A. ministerial control
  • B. legislative control
  • C. political control
  • D. judicial control

47. Sucessive population figures have been contested in Nigeria because of ______?

  • A. gender consideration
  • B. religious consideration
  • C. geographical disparity
  • D. political consideration

48. In the United States, what do they call by-election?

  • A. special election
  • B. by polls
  • C. general election
  • D. recall

49. The identifiable spheres of control which the central government exercise over local government is known as ____?

  • A. Supervisory Control
  • B. Judicial Control
  • C. Audit Control
  • D. Appointment Contro

50. The 1976 Local government reforms was embarked upon by the central government under the leadership of ______?

  • A. General Olusegun Obasanjo
  • B. General Sanni Abacha
  • C. General Mohammed Buhari
  • D. Goodluck Jonathan
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