Government 2021 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

31.Under the 1999 Constitution, the appointment of Ministers and Ambassadors must be ratified by the ……..

  • A. Senate
  • B. House of Representatives
  • C. National Council of States
  • D. Presidency

32. In the First Republic, the official opposition party was the ……….

  • A. National Council of Nigeria and Cameroons
  • B. Northern Elements Progressive Union
  • C. Action Group
  • D. Northern People’s Congress

33. The highest grade in the Civil Service is known as the …………

  • A. Technical cadre
  • B. Executive cadre
  • C. Clerical cadre
  • D. Administrative cadre

34. The Native Authority System was most effective and successful in …….

  • A. Mid-western Nigeria
  • B. Western Nigeria
  • C. Northern Nigeria
  • D. Eastern Nigeria

35. The major problem of the ECOWAS is lack of _______

  • A. Uniform ideology
  • B. Commitment by members
  • C. Common customs union
  • D. Common currency

36. The citizenship of a country could be acquired through_______

  • A. President proclamation
  • B. Registration and arbitration
  • C. Birth and naturalization
  • D. Parliamentary legislature

37. A common feature of government is________

  • A. The making of public policy
  • B. The separation of powers
  • C. The independence of the judiciary
  • D. A written constitution.

38. One of the duties of the legislature is to_______

  • A. Exercise oversight
  • B. Implement law
  • C. Promulgate decrees
  • D. Adjudicate disputes

39. The type of government operated in Nigeria between October 1st 1979 to December 3 1983 is called a __________

  • A. Collegial system of government
  • B. Presidential system of government
  • C. Unitary system of government
  • D. Parliamentary system of government

40. Financial allocation to local governments by the federal or the state government to supplement the cost of a project is called_____ 

  • A. Revenue allocation
  • B. Reimbursement
  • C. Statutory allocation
  • D. Matching grant
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