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Study the following Economics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

31.  How beneficial is delegated legislation to the democratic process? It

  • A. aids lawmakers to become experts in legislation
  • B. cannot be applied during period of crises
  • C. helps to discipline personnel in the civil service
  • D. permits handling of certain aspect of legislation by non-technocrats

32. Local government performs a number of functions on behalf of the central government in the form of 

  • A. employing police officers
  • B. ensuring people attend religious institutions of prayers
  • C. mobilizing of resources of development
  • D. punishing opposition or dissent

33.  In an environment of press freedom, the media plays the role of 

  • A. articulating views of individuals
  • B. inciting people to be lawless
  • C. projecting individuals above the state
  • D. highlighting only the activities of government

34.  Chiefs under the indirect Rule system were used to carry out unpopular tasks, one of which was 

  • A. enforcement of Western education
  • B. establishment of churches
  • C. military conscription
  • D. presiding over native courts

35.  In restoring peace and security to Liberia and Sierra Leone the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) deployed a military force known as 

  • A. Regional Armed Forces (RAF)
  • B. Peace Keeping Force of West Africa (PKFWA)
  • C. ECOWAS Ceasefire Monitoring Group (ECOMOG)
  • D. ECOWAS heads of State and Government

36.  The desire for foreign investments and overseas market had become the driving force behind many West African countries 

  • A. educational policy
  • B. foreign policy
  • C. campaign tool
  • D. dream ideology

37.  Citizenship does not only go with rights but also the performance of 

  • A. compulsory military service
  • B. compulsory teaching
  • C. certain obligations and duties
  • D. certain religious rites

38.  Taking over power, military governments disregard democratic protocols and rule mainly by 

  • A. decrees
  • B. popular acclamation
  • C. jury
  • D. court martial

39.  Which electoral system best suit a heterogenous political environment?

  • A. Non-transferable votes
  • B. Preferential ballot
  • C. Proportional representation
  • D. Run-off election

40.  Judicial review in a democratic environment is an aspect of 

  • A. checks and balances
  • B. a check on the legislature
  • C. a check on the executive and the media
  • D. ensuring the police assist the judiciary in its work

41. One advantage of multi party system is that, the

  • A. electorate have wide range of choice
  • B. educated elite represents their people in parliament
  • C. executive is not restrained by law
  • D. party in power creates employment for all sympathizers

42.  The following factors motivated the formation and growth of political parties in British West African territories except

  • A. external socio-political factors
  • B. improvement in communication network
  • C. membership of legislative council
  • D. the role of newspapers

43.  Undue political interference in the work of electoral management bodies in West Africa has the potential to

  • A. ensure fairness and transparency in their operations
  • B. employ qualified returning officers
  • C. erode the independence of the institution
  • D. make all parties accept election result.

44.  A person who is denied the right to vote is described as 

  • A. uncivilized
  • B. disenfranchised
  • C. civil servant
  • D. non-partisan

45. Public corporation is a semi-independent statutory body established by

  • A. an act of parliament
  • B. a civil service commission
  • C. a private sector initiative
  • D. free zones board
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