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Study the following Economics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

16. Which territories in British West Africa did the colonial government exercise limited jurisdiction?

  • A. Conquered states
  • B. Mandated territories
  • C. protectorates
  • D. Trust territories

17.  One of the following French West African colonies was the first to gain independence 

  • A. Benin
  • B. Burkina Faso
  • C. Guinea
  • D. Togo

18.  The struggle by the chiefs and people West Africa against political, social and economic dominance by European powers was referred to as 

  • A. imperialism
  • B. nationalism
  • C. neo-colonialism
  • D. liberation

19.  The European imperialist penetration into West Africa was primarily motivated by the following consideration except 

  • A. compassion
  • B. economic
  • C. social
  • D. military

20.  Which policy made the colonized French West African partners with France in her colonial project?

  • A. Assimilation policy
  • B. Association policy
  • C. Indirect rule policy
  • D. Loi Cadre

21. The British colonial governor in West Africa wielded sweeping powers by virtues of

  • A. the land tenure system
  • B. drafting laws
  • C. tax collection
  • D. veto power

22. The action plan by African countries under the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) aimed at tackling the following issues except 

  • A. economic
  • B. political
  • C. religious
  • D. social

23. What motivated the adoption of indirect Rule system by the British in her West African colonies?

  • A. Effective and efficient tax system was in place
  • B. Chiefs did not have the power to make laws
  • C. Educated elites were in bed with the British government
  • D. The land was fertile for cash crop farming

24. The Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS) was established primarily to 

  • A. create a common currency for member countries
  • B. prevent neo-colonialism
  • C. sideline French West African countries in economic activities
  • D. Promote economic growth and development among member states.

25.  The media can best contribute to the democratic process of a country by

  • A. lobbying ministers to be in their good books
  • B. setting the agenda for good government
  • C. inciting strikes and demonstrations
  • D. recounting the achievements of the government in power

26. Public corporations can deliver on their mandate if 

  • A. incidence of corporation and mismanagement were dealt with
  • B. loans were secured to pay staff well
  • C. politicians were members of the board
  • D. religious institutions pray for their success

27. Citizenship of a state is based on the following requirements except

  • A. birth
  • B. marriage
  • C. education
  • D. naturalization

28.  One-party system encourages and often ends up in

  • A. democracy
  • B. dictatorship
  • C. fair electoral contest
  • D. freedom of expression

29. Which of the following tools is not used by pressure groups to achieve with their aim?

  • A. Boycotts
  • B. Demonstrations
  • C. Elections
  • D. Strikes

30. Frequents military coup d’etats which topple elected governments negatively affect and stall 

  • A. education
  • B. culture and religion
  • C. health
  • D. democratic gains
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