Government 2021 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following Economics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. An undesirable attribute of capitalism is mostly seen in
  • A. freedom of choice
  • B. exploitation of labour
  • C. efficient production of goods and services
  • D. effective utilization of labour

2.  A constitution that requires an absolute majority of members of parliament to amend is a 

  • A. confederal constitution
  • B. federal constitution
  • C. flexible constitution
  • D. rigid constitution

3. What is the term given to the action of discontinuing a session of a parliament or other legislative assembly without dissolving 

  • A. Adjournment
  • B. Postponement
  • C. Prorogation
  • D. Recess

4. In a monocephalous executive system of government, all executive powers are vested in the

  • A. Chief Justice
  • B. President
  • C. Prime Minister
  • D. Speaker

5. The action programme of a political party intended to be carried out when political power is won is known as 

  • A. code of conduct
  • B. party constitution
  • C. party survey
  • D. manifesto


  1. What does the mass media rely on to gauge public opinion
  • A. Influential citizens
  • B. propaganda and interviews
  • C. polls and survey
  • D. Rumors and gossip

7.  Which of the following options is the role of a newspaper in a state?

  • A. Determines government appointment
  • B. Disseminates information
  • C. Ensures fairness in newspaper circulation
  • D. Ensures fair distribution of relief items

8.  The Civil Services helps the government to 

  • A. recruit personnel for the army
  • B. develop and implement policies effectively
  • C. maintain instability in the state
  • D. stay in power for a long time

9.  A citizen is barred from active politics when employed as a 

  • A. university lecturer
  • B. priest
  • C. civil servant
  • D. journalist

10.  Citizens’ political participation is best practiced under a 

  • A. militant pressure group
  • B. neighborhood vigilante group
  • C. cooperative society
  • D. political party

11.  The most important function of government is to ensure the 

  • A. building of offices and houses
  • B. judiciary is well resourced
  • C. second arm of government is respected
  • D. security of the citizens

12. The right to an adequate standard of living falls under 

  • A. civil rights
  • B. economic right
  • C. free market economy
  • D. right to life

13.  People’s political values are continuously shaped by the following agents except 

  • A. education
  • B. family
  • C. media
  • D. ombudsman

14.  In which political system was there two levels of government with considerable devolution?

  • A. Capitalism
  • B. Federalism
  • C. Fascism
  • D. Unitarism

15.  A system of government in which people elect their lawmakers and make them accountable for their actions and inactions in government is 

  • A. a representative government
  • B. first-past-the-post government
  • C. an oligarchy government
  • D. checks and balances system of government
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