Government 2018 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Government past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

  1. The second ballot is based on the principle that a successful candidate must obtain

    • A. absolute majority
    • B. simple majority
    • C. forty percent of the votes
    • D. fifty percent of the votes

2.  The tenure of the president of the UN Security Council is

  • A. one month
  • B. six months
  • C. two years
  • D. one year

3.  Political authority is vested in the_________

  • A. state
  • B. judiciary
  • C. government
  • D. armed forces

4.  Unicameral legislatures are popular in

  • A. unitary system
  • B. federal system
  • B. cofederal
  • D. rigid system

5.  In the cabinet system of government, individual responsibility of ministers means that ____________

  • A. only ministers can be held responsible for errors
  • B. a minister must hold his subordinates responsible for his failures
  • C. the prime ministers can remove an erring minister
  • D. no individual can be held responsible for government decisions

6.  An important aspect of an unwritten constitution is that it

  • A. is easy to understand to everybody
  • B. safeguards the monarchy
  • C. contains customary laws and conventions
  • D. is not easily amended

7. In 1993, Nigerian troops were on peace-keeping assignment to

  • A. Liberia and Burundi
  • B. Rwanda and liberia
  • C. Chad and Liberia
  • D. Liberia and somalia

8.  Power refers to the__________

  • A. ability to impose one’s will upon others
  • B. duties an individual imposes on himself
  • C. legal nature of a constitution
  • D. duties political parties demand of their registered members

9. The creation of more states in Nigeria has_______

  • A. eliminated ethnic and religious conflicts
  • B. reduced the gap between the rich and poor states
  • C. increased the powers of the federal government
  • D. increased the powers of the states and local government

10.  An Agency of the united Nations which specializes in the welfare of children is the _______

  • A. WHO
  • D. UNDP

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