She was certainly going to the cinema, _____?

She was certainly going to the cinema, _____?

A. isn’t she

B. isn’t it

C. wasn’t it

D. wasn’t she

Correct Option: Answer is D

Explanation: In the given sentence, the phrase “She was certainly going to the cinema” implies a statement or assertion about a female subject going to the cinema. The sentence then ends with a question mark, indicating that it is seeking confirmation or agreement.

To maintain subject-verb agreement and to form a tag question that seeks confirmation or agreement, we need to use the appropriate pronoun and verb form. In this case, since the subject is “she,” the correct pronoun to use in the tag question is “she.”

Option D, “wasn’t she,” is the correct choice because it uses the past tense form of “to be” (wasn’t) and the pronoun “she” to form a tag question seeking agreement or confirmation. The tag question “wasn’t she” is commonly used to seek confirmation or agreement when the statement preceding it is positive.

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