English Language 2017 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following English Language past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations. Studying Textbooks and practicing Past Questions are the secret of examinations success.

After the following sentence, a list of possible interpretations is given. Choose the interpretation that is most appropriate for the sentence. 

21. Let us draw a veil over this matter. This means that we should

  • A. avoid discussing the matter
  • B. take the matter to court
  • C. cover our heads with a veil
  • D. get the elders to resolve the matter

22. Children think their parents are behind the times. This means that they think that their parents are

  • A. always late for work
  • B. not worried about new things
  • C. old fashioned
  • D. not duty conscious

23. Ever since that issue came up. I have been sitting on the fence. This means that I have been

  • A. continuously in trouble
  • B. sitting alone in the house
  • C. walking around to find a job
  • D. avoiding stating my opinion

24. You must square up to your problems. This means that you have to 

  • A. deal with your problems effectively
  • B. consider your problems from all angles
  • C. forget your problems
  • D. arrange your problems

25. Many of us escaped with the skin of our teet during the crisis. This means that we 

  • A. lost some of our teeth
  • B. narrowly escaped
  • C. quickly escaped
  • D. had marks on our skin

26. Peter and Paul get along like a house on fire. This means that they 

  • A. have a very good relationship
  • B. are not on speaking terms
  • C. avoid each other always
  • D. pretend to like each other

27. When Victor’s father gave him a new car, he was lost for words. This means that victor

  • A. did not like the car
  • B. forgot to show gratitude
  • C. was overwhelmed
  • D. was not grateful

28. This film is a cut above the others. This means that it is

  • A. cut to look like the others
  • B. much better than the others.
  • C. different from the others
  • D. inferior to the others

29. We knew our father was talking tongue in cheek when he spoke of vacation abroad. This means that our father was

  • A. sincere
  • B. courageous
  • C. joking
  • D. reasonable

30. The accused was asked to retract his statement. 

  • A. recall
  • B. withdraw
  • C. make
  • D. rewrite

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