English Language 2017 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following English Language past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences. 

11. He tried to ______ the housemistress by entering the hostel through the back door. 

  • A. reject
  • B. repel
  • C. evade
  • D. deflect

12. He gives the____ that he is wealthy but he really isn’t. 

  • A. impression
  • B. opinion
  • C. attribute
  • D. indication

13. Frank was _____  in the riot because his books were found at the scene. 

  • A. balmed
  • B. caught
  • C. implicated
  • D. grafted

14. The insurance company ____ my uncle for the loss of his car. 

  • A. redeemed
  • B. relieved
  • C. compensated
  • D. paid

15. Before giving his speech, the chairman ____ copies of it to the members of the council.  

  • A. duplicated
  • B. spread
  • C. circulated
  • D. printed

16. We wished to win the tournament but we knew our _____ were slim. 

  • A. skills
  • B. opportunities
  • C. odds
  • D. chances

17. When all the members started arguing, the chairman called the meeting to _______ 

  • A. slience
  • B. order
  • C. audience
  • D. attention

18. The felling of trees contributes to environmental _______ 

  • A. pollution
  • B. damage
  • C. degradation
  • D. destruction

19. I had to put up my house as _______ for bank loan, 

  • A. pledge
  • B. agreement
  • C. collateral
  • D. surety

After the following sentence, a list of possible interpretations is given. Choose the interpretaion that is most appropriate for the sentence.

20. Our mother always warns us against washing our dirty linen in public. This means that she warns us

  • A. not to discuss private matters in public
  • B. to fetch enough water for washing
  • C. not to soil our clothes
  • D. to keep our mouths shut

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