English Language 2020 Past Questions | WAEC

Study the following English Language past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

21. Choose the interpretation that is most appropriate for each sentence.

My grandmother once told me that old habits die hard. This means that old habits are

  • A. easily corrected
  • B. difficult to change
  • C. short-lived
  • D. forever changing

 22. If you ask him to sing, he will do it at the drop of a hat. This means that he will sing

  • A. joyfully
  • B. melodiously
  • C. immediately
  • D. sluggishly

23. The man has lost a lot and he only keeps up appearances by driving a big car. This means that the man

  • A. intends to work harder
  • B. pretends that all is well
  • C. wants everybody to see him
  • D. wants to please his people

24. The game was tough but our team lost by a whisker. This means that our team lost by

  • A. default
  • B. a wide margin
  • C. not preparing well
  • D. a narrow margin

25. When the result was announced, it was discovered that Bimbo and Pam were neck and neck. This means that Bimbo and Pam

  • A. had almost the same result
  • B. failed badly
  • C. had equal result
  • D. passed well

26. The old woman ‘s birthday was marked by her children with pomp. This means that the birthday was

  • A. greatly celebrated
  • B. remembered fondly
  • C. widely advertise
  • D. filmed and played back

27. When the man was accused of stealing the money, nobody raised an eyebrow. This means that nobody was

  • A. sad
  • B. pleased
  • C. interested
  • D. surprised

28. People do not often rely on men who allow their exalted position to go to their head. This means that people shun those who

  • A. are highly placed
  • B. are conceited because of their position
  • C. are rude because of their position
  • D. do not do their work

29. The manager hit the roof when he was presented with the estimate for the new project. This means that the manager

  • A. mobilised the workers
  • B. became very angry
  • C. became very suspicious
  • D. cancelled the project

30. When he received the news that he had lost the election, he did not bat an eyelid. This means that he

  • A. expected to lose the election
  • B. stood perfectly still
  • C. was shocked to have lost the election
  • D. showed no feelings

31. choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence.

The boy was reluctant to carry out the order of his senior

  • A. adamant
  • B. slow
  • C. sluggish
  • D. unwilling

32.   Dr. Azeez declined the offer to chair the meeting.

  • A. rescinded
  • B. shunned
  • C. refused
  • D. avoided

33.  The match came to an abruptend when the rain started.

  • A. sharp
  • B. brisk
  • C. quick
  • D. sudden

34.  The boy came through the window as stealthily as he could.

  • A. quietly
  • B. carefully
  • C. quickly
  • D. slowly

35. Bimbo was satisfiedwith the result she got.

  • A. positive
  • B. surprised
  • C. contented
  • D. appeased

36. It is absurd that people find it difficult to be honest

  • A. strange
  • B. abnormal
  • C. alarming
  • D. interesting

37. Even a mediocre student can pass that test.

  • A. dull
  • B. fresh
  • C. average
  • D. lazy

38.  We called the carpenter to repair the broken door.

  • A. restore
  • B. renovate
  • C. replace
  • D. mend

39. Okpala gave the drunk a contemptuous look.

  • A. happy
  • B. sorrowful
  • C. knowing
  • D. scornful

40. The Vice-Chancellor’s speech at the occasion was misconstrued.

  • A. misrepresented
  • B. misquoted
  • C. misunderstood
  • D. misreported

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