_____ were classmates in the university.

_____ were classmates in the university.

A. his sister and I

B. me and his sister

C. I and his sister

D. His sister and me

Correct Option: Answer is C

The pronouns “I” and “me” are used differently depending on their role in the sentence. “I” is used as the subject of a sentence, while “me” is used as the object of a sentence. In the sentence “His sister and I were classmates in the university,” the pronoun “I” is the subject of the sentence, so it is correct to use the pronoun “I”.

The other options are incorrect. The pronoun “me” is used as the object of the sentence in the options “me and his sister” and “his sister and me.” The pronoun “his sister” is used correctly in all of the options.

Therefore, the correct answer is C. I and his sister

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