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Study the following Economics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

51.  Efficiency of labour in a country is determined by the following except the____________

  • A. Social attitude to work
  • B. Education and training
  • C. Total population
  • D. Working conditions of workers

52.  The study of Economics becomes necessary because of the______________

  • A. Large population size of the world
  • B. Scarcity of resources
  • C. Opportunity cost of goods and services
  • D. Need to satisfy every desire of man


The formula (index of export prices)/(index of import prices) x 100 is used to measure the____________

  • A. Volume of trade between countries
  • B. direction of international trade
  • C. commodity terms of trade
  • D. volume of imports



From the table, Calculate the mean?

  • A. 24.0
  • B. 17.0
  • C. 18
  • D. 27.2

45.  The number of people who are qualified to work and who offer themselves for employment is called____________?

  • A. Migrant labour
  • B. Working population
  • C. Labor turnover
  • D. Mobility of Labour

  56.  A country’s budget allocation to various sectors of the economy is shown in the pie chart .

What is the ratio of expenditure of health to Agriculture?

  • A. 2:3
  • B. 3:4
  • C. 4:3
  • D. 5:4

57.  Which of the following is an invisible item?

  • A. Petroleum services
  • B. Processed rice
  • C. Processed milk
  • D. Banking services

58.  The population density of a town made up of 50 square kilometer land area and 100 million people is________

  • A. 50,000 people per square kilometer
  • B. 2 million people per square kilometer 
  • C. 0.5 million people per square kilometer
  • D. 20 million people per square kilometer

59.  The establishment of industries in rural areas will help to reduce____________-

  • A. Urban-Rural migration
  • B. Rural-Urban migration
  • C. Rural-Rural migration
  • D. Urban-Urban migration

 60.  The use of income and expenditure instruments or policies to control or regulate the economic activities of a country is known as?

  • A. Revenue generation
  • B. Economic development
  • C. Fiscal Policy
  • D. Taxation

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