Economics 2019 Past Questions | JAMB

Study the following Economics past questions and answers for JAMBWAEC  NECO and Post-JAMB. Get prepared with official past questions and answers for upcoming examinations.

21. The shape of the production possibility frontier is determined by the_________

  • A. law of returns to scale
  • B. law of diminishing returns
  • C. factors of productions
  • D. technology

22. As indifference curve shows equal level of satisfaction at all points, An isoquant shows equal level of_________

  • A. Input
  • B. Commodities
  • C. Output
  • D. Factors

23.  Which of the following is not a cause of unemployment_______

  • A. poor education
  • B. lack of skills
  • C. good government planning
  • D. corruption

24. The demand for labour is a________

  • A. Derived demand
  • B. Joint demand
  • C. Complementary demand
  • D. Composite demand

25. The use of government income and expenditure instrument to regulate the economy is termed______

  • A. monetary policy
  • B. physical policy
  • C. fiscal policy
  • D. public finance

26. A form of tax that is midly progressive and regressive is_______

  • A. Proportional tax
  • B. Progressive tax
  • C. Regressive tax
  • D. Digressive tax

27. Industrialization is the process of___________

  • A. concentrating a firm in a place
  • B. transforming as economy based on extractive to manufacturing
  • C. transferring a government industry to individual
  • D. transforming finished goods into semi-finished goods

28. One of these is not a way by which government encourage industrialization?

  • A. Protection of Infant industries
  • B. Establishment of Nigeria Enterprises Promotion Decree
  • C. Low Productivity and inefficiency
  • D. Establishment of higher institutions

29. The sector which contribute highly to the economy is___________

  • A. Primary sector
  • B. Secondary sector
  • C. Tertiary sector
  • D. Education sector

30. A permit that allows an importer to bring a certain quantity of foreign goods into a country is_________

  • A. Import monopoly
  • B. Import licence
  • C. Import quota
  • D. Embargo
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