Explain at least five of the following pillars of democracy

Explain at least five of the following pillars of democracy
Solution & Explanation:
Explanation of the pillars of democracy
i. Constitution: It is the fundamental laws; rules, regulation and others related elements according to which democratic states are expected to be governed
ii. Free Press: This refers to situation or condition in which media organizations are allowed to perform their functions of informing, educating, entertaining people and scrutinizing government activities without undue censorship for the purpose of good governance in a democracy
iii. Civil Societies: These are private non-profit organizations formed to promote collectively shared values, interests and objectives that are capable of enhancing the general welfare and development of democratic states.
iv. Political Parties: These are organized groups of people who share common ideas with the sole aim of contesting elections to gain and assume political power in a democratic state
v. Armed Forces: These are constitutionally established bodies empowered to protect and defend the territorial integrity of a democratic state against internal insurrection and external aggression. They consist of Army, Airforce and Navy

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