Expatiate on any five factors that aid cultism in the school system

Expatiate on any five factors that aid cultism in the school system
Solution & Explanation:
(i) Parental and home background: Parents who are members of secret cults will not see anything wrong with their children’s involvement in cultism. Parents may encourage their children to join cults so that they may maintain the traditional titles that have been given to the former. Children from broken homes may also find solace in cultism.
(ii) Societal decay: There is the mad rush to acquire wealth and power. Some powerful members of the society recruit young people to perpetrate heinous crimes and can escape the long arms of the law. They are the fraudsters, kidnappers, ritual killers, etc. Children who grow up in this kind of environment may see nothing wrong with cult activities that involve maiming and killing of innocent people.
(iii) Emotional sickness: Children who have emotional sickness tend to be depressed and frustrated with life. In an attempt to express their anger against neglect, they may join cults to unleash terror on the society that has caused them emotional distress.
(iv) Peer group influence: Motivation for joining cults may come from peer group influence. Some students have become cultists because their friends lured them into joining. (v) Support given by staff of educational institutions: In some institutions, some officials and lecturers are sponsors and members of secret cults. The student cultists are used against other members of the community to promote selfish interests.
(v) Government’s lukewarm attitude: When the government of a country fails to apply sanctions against cultists, cultists will thrive.

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