Dr. fajir can not exercise some basic rights because?

Dr. Fajir was the minister of works and urban development in the Ganiba Republic. As such, he was entrusted with the public fund so that his ministry could construct new roads and rehabilitate the existing ones. Unfortunately, mr Fajir embezzled the money entrusted in his care and siphoned some to his foreign accounts. This led to the deplorable condition of roads in the republic. The crime commission arrested and prosecuted him accordingly. Consequently, he was given the opportunity to be defended by a lawyer of his choice in a court of law. However, he forfeited all his ill gotten wealths to the republic.

Dr. fajir can not exercise some basic rights because?
A. he was a suspect in a criminal case
B. was found guilty of a criminal offence
C. failed to comply with court order
D. embezzled public fund

Correct Option: Answer is B

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